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Motor Type Cert Diam Impulse Avg Thr Burn Files
AeroTech G67 reload TRA 38 110.0Ns 67.0N 1.6s 2
Loki G69 reload TRA 38 110.0Ns 69.0N 1.6s 2
Loki G70 reload TRA 38 119.0Ns 70.0N 1.7s 1
Loki G94 reload TRA 38 121.0Ns 94.0N 1.3s 1
Cesaroni G69 reload CAR 38 121.1Ns 69.2N 1.8s 4
Loki G80 reload TRA 38 122.5Ns 80.5N 1.5s 2
Cesaroni G79 reload CAR 38 129.0Ns 79.9N 1.6s 3
Loki G66 reload TRA 38 134.0Ns 69.0N 1.9s 1
AeroTech G69 reload NAR 38 136.7Ns 72.3N 1.9s 2
Cesaroni G115 reload CAR 38 140.6Ns 113.5N 1.2s 1
Cesaroni G78 reload TRA 38 140.9Ns 78.4N 1.8s 1

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