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Motor Type Cert Diam Impulse Avg Thr Burn Files
AMW J400 reload CAR 54 976.9Ns 403.6N 2.4s 1
AMW J475 reload CAR 54 1024.9Ns 476.0N 2.2s 1
AMW J395 reload CAR 54 1079.3Ns 392.5N 2.7s 1
AMW J440 reload CAR 54 1109.0Ns 441.7N 2.5s 2
AMW J475 reload CAR 54 1233.4Ns 475.4N 2.6s 2
AMW K590 reload CAR 54 1336.5Ns 591.2N 2.3s
AMW K665 reload CAR 54 1379.0Ns 664.1N 2.1s 1
AMW K535 reload CAR 54 1441.8Ns 532.6N 2.7s 1
AMW K610 reload CAR 54 1531.0Ns 612.1N 2.5s 2
AMW K700 reload CAR 54 1659.6Ns 700.1N 2.4s 1
AMW K855 reload CAR 54 1725.2Ns 854.1N 2.0s 1
AMW K710 reload CAR 54 1791.4Ns 712.2N 2.5s 2
AMW K670 reload CAR 54 1806.1Ns 672.4N 2.7s 1
AMW K1075 reload CAR 54 2245.1Ns 1073.0N 2.1s 2
AMW K1130 reload CAR 54 2550.7Ns 1127.6N 2.3s 2
AMW L985 reload CAR 54 2664.6Ns 986.2N 2.7s 1
AMW L1276 reload TRA 54 2729.3Ns 1276.2N 2.1s 2

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