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Motor Type Cert Diam Impulse Avg Thr Burn Files
Gorilla K222 reload TRA 54 1314.5Ns 221.6N 5.9s 1
Gorilla K520 reload TRA 54 1356.0Ns 520.0N 2.6s 1
Gorilla K555 reload TRA 54 1397.0Ns 556.0N 2.5s 1
Gorilla K630 reload TRA 54 1414.8Ns 631.0N 2.2s 1
Gorilla K533 reload TRA 54 1419.8Ns 533.4N 2.7s 1
Gorilla K327 reload TRA 54 1615.6Ns 326.5N 5.2s 1
Gorilla K700 reload TRA 54 1691.0Ns 700.0N 2.4s 1
Gorilla K763 reload TRA 54 1740.3Ns 763.6N 2.3s 1
Gorilla K805 reload TRA 54 1765.0Ns 805.7N 2.2s 1
Gorilla K828 reload TRA 54 1786.1Ns 828.0N 2.2s
Gorilla K980 reload NAR 54 2123.0Ns 981.0N 2.2s 1
Gorilla K1075 reload TRA 54 2413.0Ns 1075.0N 2.2s 1
Gorilla K470 reload TRA 54 2450.0Ns 464.0N 5.3s 1
Gorilla K1185 reload TRA 54 2460.0Ns 1185.0N 2.1s 1

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