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AeroTech D21

Manufacturer: AeroTech
Entered: May 25, 2006
Last Updated: Apr 16, 2019
Mfr. Designation: D21T  
Common Name: D21  
Motor Type: SU
Delays: 4,7
Diameter: 18.0mm
Length: 7.0cm
Total Weight: 25g
Prop. Weight: 10g
Cert. Org.: National Association of Rocketry
Cert. Date: Nov 6, 1988
Average Thrust: 20.8N
Maximum Thrust: 32.1N
Total impulse: 19.6Ns
Burn Time: 0.9s
Propellant Info: Blue Thunder
Data Sheet: link
Availability: regular

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Simulator Files

Format Source Updated Contributor Options
RockSim (.rse) user Jun 25, 2008 John Coker view data download add to outbox
RASP (.eng) cert Mar 29, 2007 Christopher Kobel view data download add to outbox

Motor Notes

I am not sure exactly as of what month, but I know that since around November 2019, the D21 and D10 have been OOP, and stocks were dwindling. So unless you have a supply of them or know someone you can get them from, it?s unlikely you can get them anymore.

There are some supplies of D21-4, D10-5, and D10-3 left. Check out Buyrocketmotors, Apogee Components, and Rocketryworks. Rocketryworks will have the highest overall stock and a competitive price.

Christian David Michael, updated Jan 27, 2020

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