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To find files, search for motors you want to use, then pick one of the available Simulator Files and click "Add this file to my outbox."

Manufacturer Sets

For convenience, this site can also provide sets of motor files for in-production motors by manufacturer. Note that when there is more than one entry for a motor, the most recent one is used. Also some motors may not have any data files uploaded for one or both formats.

Manufacturer RASP RockSim
AeroTech AeroTech.eng AeroTech.rse
Animal Motor Works AMW.eng AMW.rse
Apogee Components Apogee.eng Apogee.rse
Cesaroni Technology Cesaroni.eng Cesaroni.rse
Contrail Rockets Contrail.eng Contrail.rse
Estes Industries Estes.eng Estes.rse
Hypertek Hypertek.eng Hypertek.rse
Loki Research Loki.eng Loki.rse
Quest Aerospace Quest.eng Quest.rse
R.A.T.T. Works RATT.eng RATT.rse
Raketenmodellbau Klima Klima.eng Klima.rse
Southern Cross Rocketry SCR.eng SCR.rse

If a motor you want to use is missing from the set you downloaded, consider creating a file for that motor and uploading it. See Contribute Data for how you can do that. These sets are produced on demand so they always contain the latest data available.