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JavaScript API Demo

Here's a one-page app showing how to use the XML APIs from JavaScript. See the explanation at the bottom for more info.

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Example UI


Since 2008, This site has provided an API for third party programs to search and download data. This was originally envisioned for use by flight simulators so they wouldn't require users to find and install data manually. See the API page for more info.

Since then, XML has waned in popularity compared to simpler REST style APIs. This is mostly due to the increasing ability of JavaScript to support complex applications and the ease of working with JSON. In 2014, I put together this page to demonstrate accessing the existing API from JavaScript for those who are interested in making mash-ups using motor data.

The best way to see what's going on is to view this page's source. But to orient you: this page is still accessing the same search API through XML, but is completely in JavaScript, using jQuery. Use of all three APIs are demonstrated:

  • metadata: information on the parameters of the motors is used to build the form
  • search: each form submission queries for maching motors
  • download: data for simulator files is fetched for display

Thus, this page shows the intent and functionality behind the entire set of APIs, and how to use them from JavaScript (browsers).

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