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Motor Type Cert Diam Impulse Avg Thr Burn Files
AeroTech K456 reload TRA 54 1281.0Ns 438.0N 2.9s 1
AMW K590 reload CAR 54 1336.5Ns 591.2N 2.3s
Gorilla K520 reload TRA 54 1356.0Ns 520.0N 2.6s 1
AMW K665 reload CAR 54 1379.0Ns 664.1N 2.1s 1
Gorilla K555 reload TRA 54 1397.0Ns 556.0N 2.5s 1
Cesaroni K530 reload CAR 54 1412.0Ns 529.0N 2.7s 2
Gorilla K630 reload TRA 54 1414.8Ns 631.0N 2.2s 1
Gorilla K533 reload TRA 54 1419.8Ns 533.4N 2.7s 1
AMW K535 reload CAR 54 1441.8Ns 532.6N 2.7s 1
AeroTech K513 reload TRA 54 1496.3Ns 556.8N 2.8s 1
AeroTech K695 reload TRA 54 1514.0Ns 695.0N 2.2s 4
Loki K627 reload TRA 38 1519.0Ns 627.0N 2.4s 1
AMW K610 reload CAR 54 1531.0Ns 612.1N 2.5s 2
AeroTech K540 reload TRA 54 1596.3Ns 557.4N 2.9s 1
Loki K690 reload TRA 54 1616.0Ns 687.0N 2.4s 2
AMW K700 reload CAR 54 1659.6Ns 700.1N 2.4s 1
Cesaroni K630 reload TRA 54 1679.4Ns 629.1N 2.7s 2
Gorilla K700 reload TRA 54 1691.0Ns 700.0N 2.4s 1
AMW K855 reload CAR 54 1725.2Ns 854.1N 2.0s 1
Gorilla K763 reload TRA 54 1740.3Ns 763.6N 2.3s 1
Cesaroni K650 reload CAR 54 1749.5Ns 656.0N 2.7s 2
AeroTech K805 reload TRA 54 1762.0Ns 805.0N 2.2s 2
Gorilla K805 reload TRA 54 1765.0Ns 805.7N 2.2s 1
Gorilla K828 reload TRA 54 1786.1Ns 828.0N 2.2s
AMW K710 reload CAR 54 1791.4Ns 712.2N 2.5s 2
AMW K670 reload CAR 54 1806.1Ns 672.4N 2.7s 1
AeroTech K990 reload TRA 54 1867.0Ns 931.0N 2.0s 1
Cesaroni K740 reload CAR 54 1873.9Ns 740.1N 2.5s 2
Cesaroni K735 reload CAR 75 1955.2Ns 735.7N 2.7s 2
Cesaroni K780 reload TRA 54 2107.8Ns 779.9N 2.7s 2
AeroTech K828 reload TRA 54 2120.0Ns 828.0N 2.5s 2
Gorilla K980 reload NAR 54 2123.0Ns 981.0N 2.2s 1
AMW K1075 reload CAR 54 2245.1Ns 1073.0N 2.1s 2
Loki K830 reload TRA 54 2287.0Ns 835.0N 2.7s 2
Cesaroni K815 reload CAR 54 2303.7Ns 814.9N 2.8s 2
Cesaroni K820 reload CAR 54 2383.0Ns 821.6N 2.9s 2
Cesaroni K1085 reload CAR 75 2412.0Ns 1113.0N 2.1s 1
Gorilla K1075 reload TRA 54 2413.0Ns 1075.0N 2.2s 1
AeroTech K1050 reload TRA 54 2426.4Ns 1132.9N 2.1s 1
Gorilla K1185 reload TRA 54 2460.0Ns 1185.0N 2.1s 1
AeroTech K1000 reload TRA 75 2511.5Ns 1066.0N 2.4s 1
AMW K1130 reload CAR 54 2550.7Ns 1127.6N 2.3s 2

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