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Motor Browser

The rocket motor browser provides a way to walk through the many rocket motors available. Start out by choosing one of the high-level ways to narrow down your search, and then more specific options will be available for refining your search down to a manageable size. Try starting with: impulse category, motor type, manufacturer or go right to the advanced browser.

If you would like to find a motor for a specific rocket, try using the Motor Guilde. If you just want to search for motors, use the Motor Search page.

Try starting out by selecting a category of total impulse (size or power):

Low-power Motors Mid-power Motors High-power Motors
Low-Power Mid-Power High-Power
A – E F & G L1: H & I    L2: J, K, L    L3: M, N, O
model rockets larger model rockets medium, large (and huge!) rockets

Try starting out by selecting a basic motor type:

Single-use Motors Reloadable Motors Hybrid Motors
Single-Use   Reloadable   Hybrids
Self-contained: use once and discard; simple and inexpensive for smaller rockets. Separate hardware and motor load for partial reusability; easy to use for large rockets. Separate hardware, propellant and oxidizer adds complexity, but lowers cost.

Try starting out by selecting a single manufacturer:

R.A.T.T. Works Southern Cross Rocketry Estes Industries Cesaroni Technology Gorilla Rocket Motors West Coast Hybrids Kosdon by AeroTech Apogee Components Quest Aerospace Loki Research AeroTech HyperTek Animal Motor Works

If none of these is quite right, try going right to the advanced browser.

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