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Contributors Found

These people have all contributed motor data files to this site for the benefit of the entire rocketry community. Thank you! Find out how you can join them.

Name Organization Contributed
Andre Choquette CQF / CAR 209
Andrew Grippo   1
Andrew MacMillen   7
Andrew Wimmer   1
Bernard Cawley BEMRC 1
Bill Wagstaff Ottawa Rocketry Group 1
Carl Tulanko   12
Casey Hatch   29
Charles (Casey) Barker   1
Christopher Kobel NAR/TRA Rocketry Organization of California 28
Clay Dunsworth   1
Conway Stevens   8
Craig Rutherford   1
David Moore   4
Edward K. Chess Fox Valley Rocketeers 1
Edward Wranosky Alpha Hybrids 1
Eric Melville   1
Greg Gardner   20
Howard Smart 5
J Brent NAR 2
Jesus Manuel Recuenco none 3
Jim Yehle UROC - The Utah Rocket Club 10
Joel Rogers   3
John Coker 1146
John DeMar   8
Karl Baumheckel   1
Koen Loeven CTRA/narconn 5
Len Bryan CAR, TRA 198
Len Lekx   4
Mark Hairfield   4
Mark Koelsch,, TRA 209
Mark Stumbaugh   1
Mark Trevithick   1
Mike Caplinger   8
Nicholas Domansky   2
Pete Carr   2
Rich Thompson Music City Missile Club 10
Roadrunner Rocketry Roadrunner Rocketry, Inc 10
Robert Belknap   1
Robert DeHate NAR, TRA, AMW, CTI 4
Robert Geer   1
Scott Sager   1
Simon Crafts Tripoli Quad Cities; The Rocketry Forum 2
Stan Hemphill AeroPac 7
Thomas Raithby   16
Todd Bowman   1
Tom Koszuta MARS 1
Victor Merle Barlow   4
William Carney   10

Erik Czerwin is the editor of motor information and John Coker is site maintainer.

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