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Motor Manufacturers

Here are the currently known manufacturers of commercial hobby rocket motors. Click on a manufacturer's name to browse a list of their certified rocket motors or visit their website using the link on the right. To search for motors across manufacturers, use the Search page.

Full Name Abbreviation Status Web Site
AeroTech AeroTech active link
Alpha Hybrids Alpha  
Animal Motor Works AMW active link
Apogee Components Apogee active link
Cesaroni Technology Cesaroni active link
Contrail Rockets Contrail active link
Ellis Mountain Ellis  
Estes Industries Estes active link
Gorilla Rocket Motors Gorilla active link
Hypertek Hypertek active link
Kosdon by AeroTech KBA active link
Kosdon TRM Kosdon  
Loki Research Loki active link
Propulsion Polymers PP  
Public Missiles, Ltd. PML link
Quest Aerospace Quest active link
R.A.T.T. Works RATT active link
Raketenmodellbau Klima Klima active link
Roadrunner Rocketry Roadrunner link
Rocketvision Flight-Star RV  
Sky Ripper Systems SkyR  
Southern Cross Rocketry SCR active link
West Coast Hybrids WCH link
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