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R.A.T.T. Works

Full Name: R.A.T.T. Works
Entered: May 30, 2006
Last Updated: Apr 12, 2009
Abbreviation: RATT
Aliases: "RATT Works", "RT", "RTW"   
Web site:

Available Motors

Designation Type Cert Diam Impulse Avg Thr Burn Files
H70 hybrid TRA 29.0 207.5Ns 70.0N 3.6s 3
I80 hybrid TRA 29.0 359.5Ns 80.0N 5.8s 3
I90L hybrid TRA 29.0 485.2Ns 90.0N 5.4s 3
J160 hybrid TRA 38.0 667.7Ns 160.0N 5.1s 1
K240H hybrid TRA 64.0 1844.7Ns 240.0N 7.7s 3
K350TR-P hybrid TRA 64.0 1861.0Ns 463.0N 3.9s
K600TR-P hybrid TRA 64.0 2170.0Ns 561.0N 3.7s
L600 hybrid TRA 64.0 3152.0Ns 600.0N 7.1s 1
M900 hybrid TRA 64.0 6463.5Ns 900.0N 12.3s 1

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