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Kosdon by AeroTech

Full Name: Kosdon by AeroTech
Entered: May 30, 2006
Last Updated: Dec 29, 2009
Abbreviation: KBA
Aliases: "Kosdon/AT", "KbyAT", "K/AT"   
Web site:

Available Motors

Designation Type Cert Diam Impulse Avg Thr Burn Files
G82W reload TRA 29.0 142.7Ns 79.9N 1.8s 1
G135R reload TRA 29.0 143.0Ns 137.0N 1.0s 1
H225R reload TRA 29.0 241.2Ns 221.8N 1.1s 1
H130W reload TRA 29.0 246.3Ns 133.0N 1.9s 1
I301W reload NAR 38.0 554.0Ns 302.0N 1.8s 2
I550R reload NAR 38.0 575.0Ns 587.0N 1.0s 2
J520F reload TRA 38.0 645.9Ns 525.5N 1.2s 1
J740G reload TRA 38.0 682.0Ns 815.0N 0.9s 1
K700F reload TRA 54.0 1434.3Ns 776.1N 1.8s 1
K1750R reload NAR 54.0 2423.0Ns 1751.0N 1.4s 2
K750W reload NAR 54.0 2468.0Ns 752.0N 3.3s 2
L2300G reload TRA 54.0 2756.0Ns 2435.0N 1.3s 2
M3500R reload NAR 75.0 7310.0Ns 3469.0N 2.1s 2
M1450W reload NAR 75.0 7813.0Ns 1432.0N 5.5s 2

See the list of motors which are missing data.

Historical Motors

These motors are no longer in production, but info is still available for historical interest.

Designation Type Cert Diam Impulse Avg Thr Burn Files
I170S reload TRA 38.0 374.0Ns 170.0N 2.0s 2
I280F reload TRA 38.0 382.0Ns 280.0N 1.0s 2
I450F reload TRA 38.0 633.0Ns 450.0N 1.0s 2
I310S reload TRA 38.0 633.8Ns 310.0N 2.1s 2
I370F reload TRA 38.0 634.3Ns 370.0N 1.7s 2
J405S reload TRA 38.0 722.0Ns 405.0N 1.9s 2
J605F reload TRA 38.0 737.0Ns 605.0N 1.3s 2
K400S reload TRA 54.0 1386.2Ns 400.0N 3.5s 2
K600F reload TRA 54.0 1428.5Ns 600.0N 2.4s 3
K1000S reload TRA 54.0 2592.7Ns 1000.0N 2.6s
K1400F reload TRA 54.0 2640.0Ns 1400.0N 1.9s
L1000S reload TRA 54.0 2592.0Ns 1000.0N 2.6s 4
L1400F reload TRA 54.0 2640.0Ns 1400.0N 1.9s 2
M2900R reload NAR 75.0 5290.0Ns 2558.0N 2.1s 1
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