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Motor Guide Results

Here is your handy guide to the motors that might work with your rocket. We found 118 motors that fit and appear to have enough thrust (686 motors didn't fit, 7 motors failed safety checks). 125 motor had thrust curves available and 239 flight simulations were performed. Browse the motors that did and didn't work right here or download the results as a spreadsheet.

The Rocket

Rocket Name:   Cinquieme
Owner: Randy Steck
Body Diameter: 4.00in
Dry Weight: 12.50lb
MMT Diameter: 75.0mm
MMT Length: 46.00in
CD: 0.60

Motors That Work

These motors fit your rocket and appear to have enough thrust to lift it safely. If thrust curves are available, a quick simulation has been run to give a rough idea of the performance of your rocket on this motor. We encourage you to run a more complete simulation with any motor you plan to use; see the simulators page for more info.

  Motor Weight Launch Velocity Accel Altitude Time Delay
OK Contrail K707 20.60lb 75ft/s 417ft/s 14.1G 2,643ft 13.0s 11s
OK Contrail K630 20.33lb 58ft/s 434ft/s 8.9G 2,794ft 13.5s 11s
OK Contrail K456 20.67lb 65ft/s 447ft/s 8.8G 3,328ft 14.8s 11s
OK AeroTech K1499 16.34lb 104ft/s 567ft/s 23.1G 3,431ft 13.9s 13s
OK Contrail K678 21.43lb 73ft/s 524ft/s 11.2G 3,924ft 15.7s 13s
OK Contrail K777 21.43lb 88ft/s 528ft/s 17.8G 3,952ft 15.5s 13s
OK Contrail K543 20.45lb 67ft/s 605ft/s 8.9G 4,947ft 17.6s 14s
OK Cesaroni K735 18.03lb 59ft/s 700ft/s 10.4G 5,166ft 17.4s 15s
OK Contrail K404 21.65lb 55ft/s 588ft/s 6.0G 5,582ft 19.4s 13s
OK Contrail K888 21.70lb 81ft/s 697ft/s 13.2G 5,761ft 18.3s 16s
OK AeroTech K780 18.97lb 65ft/s 792ft/s 10.6G 6,175ft 18.7s 16s
OK Cesaroni K2000 17.93lb 105ft/s 924ft/s 31.3G 6,317ft 17.8s 17s
OK Cesaroni K555 18.58lb 52ft/s 767ft/s 6.8G 6,434ft 19.7s 15s
OK Cesaroni K1085 17.86lb 76ft/s 889ft/s 14.2G 6,518ft 18.6s 16s
OK AeroTech K560 18.55lb 59ft/s 743ft/s 8.6G 6,561ft 19.6s 15s
OK Cesaroni K661 18.07lb 61ft/s 816ft/s 8.6G 6,637ft 19.5s 16s
OK Cesaroni K510 18.21lb 61ft/s 749ft/s 7.4G 6,722ft 20.0s 15s
OK AeroTech K1000 18.24lb 81ft/s 891ft/s 13.4G 6,748ft 18.9s 16s
OK Hypertek L475 21.09lb 55ft/s 711ft/s 6.1G 6,866ft 20.8s 14s
OK Hypertek L355 21.22lb 53ft/s 616ft/s 6.1G 6,901ft 21.9s 12s
OK Cesaroni L585 18.64lb 60ft/s 828ft/s 7.0G 7,175ft 20.4s 16s
OK Hypertek L535 21.20lb 62ft/s 771ft/s 8.1G 7,386ft 21.0s 15s
OK Hypertek L350 21.11lb 52ft/s 682ft/s 5.7G 7,509ft 22.6s 13s
OK Hypertek L610 21.21lb 63ft/s 801ft/s 8.6G 7,583ft 21.0s 15s
OK Cesaroni L820 20.04lb 59ft/s 933ft/s 10.1G 7,635ft 20.5s 17s
OK Hypertek L550 21.09lb 63ft/s 771ft/s 8.0G 7,638ft 21.3s 15s
OK Cesaroni L910 18.27lb 73ft/s 980ft/s 12.0G 7,796ft 20.2s 17s
OK Loki L780 20.22lb 54ft/s 946ft/s 9.7G 7,829ft 20.8s 17s
OK Cesaroni L3200 19.70lb 125ft/s 1,227ft/s 44.0G 8,418ft 19.8s 19s
OK Gorilla L789 19.95lb 60ft/s 1,005ft/s 9.4G 8,570ft 21.5s 17s
OK AeroTech L1150 20.60lb 80ft/s 1,095ft/s 13.8G 8,832ft 21.1s 18s
OK Cesaroni L645 20.77lb 57ft/s 948ft/s 7.4G 8,841ft 22.3s 17s
OK Gorilla L425 20.22lb 59ft/s 788ft/s 7.4G 8,903ft 23.1s 15s
OK Gorilla L1150 20.22lb 76ft/s 1,113ft/s 19.0G 9,066ft 21.2s 18s
OK Loki L930 20.30lb 71ft/s 1,069ft/s 11.5G 9,076ft 21.7s 18s
OK Gorilla L985 20.51lb 63ft/s 1,121ft/s 11.8G 9,119ft 21.8s 18s
OK AeroTech L875 22.59lb 62ft/s 1,042ft/s 9.3G 9,190ft 22.2s 18s
OK Cesaroni L995 20.42lb 79ft/s 1,083ft/s 13.4G 9,202ft 21.5s 18s
OK AeroTech L1040 22.90lb 68ft/s 1,074ft/s 11.8G 9,266ft 21.9s 18s
OK AeroTech L850 20.75lb 73ft/s 1,041ft/s 12.2G 9,270ft 21.8s 17s
OK Gorilla L1112 20.50lb 81ft/s 1,136ft/s 13.3G 9,334ft 21.6s 18s
OK AeroTech L900 22.91lb 64ft/s 1,049ft/s 9.6G 9,353ft 22.4s 18s
OK Cesaroni L851 20.85lb 66ft/s 1,078ft/s 9.8G 9,383ft 22.2s 18s
OK Cesaroni L1720 19.87lb 99ft/s 1,283ft/s 21.8G 9,393ft 21.0s 19s
OK Cesaroni L1355 23.44lb 86ft/s 1,147ft/s 16.9G 9,399ft 21.5s 18s
OK AeroTech L1520 20.55lb 90ft/s 1,222ft/s 18.1G 9,431ft 21.2s 19s
OK AeroTech L1256 20.78lb 83ft/s 1,168ft/s 15.4G 9,439ft 21.5s 18s
OK Cesaroni L1050 20.10lb 76ft/s 1,147ft/s 12.8G 9,548ft 21.8s 18s
OK Cesaroni L800 20.24lb 75ft/s 1,049ft/s 12.3G 9,631ft 22.3s 18s
OK Loki L1482 20.30lb 82ft/s 1,291ft/s 17.0G 9,744ft 21.5s 19s
OK Loki L840 20.76lb 72ft/s 1,079ft/s 11.9G 9,770ft 22.2s 17s
OK AeroTech L1390 21.05lb 83ft/s 1,223ft/s 17.2G 9,780ft 21.7s 19s
OK AeroTech L1170 23.50lb 79ft/s 1,170ft/s 13.3G 9,894ft 22.2s 19s
OK AeroTech L1250 24.95lb 74ft/s 1,134ft/s 13.0G 10,090ft 22.7s 19s
OK Gorilla L1065 24.32lb 76ft/s 1,131ft/s 16.0G 10,288ft 22.5s 19s
OK Cesaroni L1350 20.37lb 89ft/s 1,331ft/s 16.3G 10,614ft 22.2s 19s
OK AMW L1290 24.40lb 70ft/s 1,253ft/s 13.2G 10,880ft 23.3s 20s
OK AeroTech L1420 22.56lb 87ft/s 1,351ft/s 16.2G 10,914ft 22.6s 19s
OK Cesaroni L1685 25.84lb 95ft/s 1,323ft/s 19.1G 11,013ft 22.7s 20s
OK AeroTech L1365 23.32lb 81ft/s 1,320ft/s 15.0G 11,122ft 23.0s 19s
OK Cesaroni L1410 23.78lb 75ft/s 1,347ft/s 15.0G 11,177ft 23.1s 20s
OK Cesaroni L2375 21.67lb 106ft/s 1,584ft/s 27.5G 11,403ft 22.2s 20s
OK AeroTech L2200 23.04lb 108ft/s 1,484ft/s 30.6G 11,497ft 22.5s 20s
OK Cesaroni L1395 22.03lb 88ft/s 1,421ft/s 17.5G 11,575ft 23.0s 20s
OK Cesaroni L1115 22.21lb 86ft/s 1,306ft/s 15.7G 11,799ft 23.6s 19s
OK Loki M1200 24.33lb 67ft/s 1,329ft/s 13.4G 11,808ft 23.9s 19s
OK AeroTech M1350 23.10lb 89ft/s 1,372ft/s 16.4G 11,850ft 23.3s 19s
OK AeroTech M1500 23.29lb 91ft/s 1,435ft/s 15.9G 12,007ft 23.5s 20s
OK Gorilla M1355 24.63lb 78ft/s 1,355ft/s 16.7G 12,013ft 23.8s 20s
OK Cesaroni M1101 23.39lb 80ft/s 1,331ft/s 12.9G 12,047ft 23.9s 19s
OK AeroTech M1550 24.94lb 93ft/s 1,439ft/s 18.2G 12,220ft 23.7s 20s
OK Cesaroni M2250 22.23lb 115ft/s 1,633ft/s 26.9G 12,226ft 22.7s 20s
OK Gorilla M745 24.89lb 73ft/s 1,087ft/s 13.3G 12,299ft 25.0s 18s
OK AeroTech M1780 22.89lb 105ft/s 1,523ft/s 22.7G 12,322ft 23.2s 20s
OK AeroTech M1297 22.72lb 93ft/s 1,417ft/s 18.8G 12,372ft 23.6s 19s
OK AeroTech M2050 22.55lb 109ft/s 1,595ft/s 24.6G 12,504ft 23.4s 21s
OK Cesaroni M1230 23.18lb 80ft/s 1,413ft/s 14.1G 12,543ft 24.1s 19s
OK Cesaroni M1830 22.47lb 96ft/s 1,591ft/s 21.4G 12,587ft 23.3s 20s
OK Gorilla M1610 27.75lb 78ft/s 1,412ft/s 18.0G 12,627ft 24.4s 21s
OK Gorilla M1665 24.89lb 93ft/s 1,463ft/s 20.3G 12,636ft 23.8s 20s
OK Loki M900 24.69lb 58ft/s 1,276ft/s 8.8G 12,638ft 25.3s 19s
OK Cesaroni M1770 25.71lb 90ft/s 1,559ft/s 17.4G 12,772ft 24.0s 21s
OK Cesaroni M2075 28.35lb 102ft/s 1,504ft/s 22.7G 12,929ft 24.2s 21s
OK Gorilla M1952 24.50lb 113ft/s 1,581ft/s 24.0G 12,964ft 23.8s 20s
OK Cesaroni M3100 23.56lb 124ft/s 1,844ft/s 36.3G 13,024ft 23.1s 21s
OK Cesaroni M1160 25.06lb 69ft/s 1,414ft/s 11.7G 13,118ft 25.0s 20s
OK Cesaroni M1810 24.44lb 89ft/s 1,640ft/s 19.1G 13,235ft 24.0s 20s
OK Loki M1882 24.70lb 102ft/s 1,652ft/s 23.4G 13,356ft 23.9s 21s
OK Cesaroni M1675 24.01lb 90ft/s 1,620ft/s 19.1G 13,434ft 24.1s 20s
OK Cesaroni M1670 24.03lb 94ft/s 1,535ft/s 19.7G 13,488ft 24.7s 21s
OK Cesaroni M1401 25.23lb 82ft/s 1,520ft/s 13.9G 13,556ft 24.8s 20s
OK Cesaroni M1400 24.19lb 95ft/s 1,508ft/s 19.5G 13,687ft 24.6s 20s
OK Loki M2550 24.69lb 116ft/s 1,804ft/s 27.8G 13,726ft 23.8s 21s
OK Cesaroni M2080 28.02lb 93ft/s 1,628ft/s 20.6G 13,742ft 24.5s 21s
OK AMW M2050 28.22lb 93ft/s 1,601ft/s 20.4G 13,817ft 24.8s 21s
OK Loki M1650 24.91lb 118ft/s 1,527ft/s 32.8G 13,850ft 24.5s 20s
OK Cesaroni M1300 24.97lb 103ft/s 1,431ft/s 24.9G 13,906ft 24.8s 20s
OK Cesaroni M3700 25.24lb 139ft/s 1,930ft/s 38.0G 13,953ft 23.8s 22s
OK AeroTech M650 23.80lb 75ft/s 1,138ft/s 11.6G 14,083ft 26.5s 15s
OK AeroTech M1315 24.94lb 86ft/s 1,494ft/s 15.2G 14,210ft 25.1s 19s
OK Cesaroni M1540 25.52lb 93ft/s 1,614ft/s 20.3G 14,266ft 24.8s 20s
OK KBA M3500 28.31lb 112ft/s 1,954ft/s 35.3G 14,284ft 24.4s 22s
OK Loki M1969 28.35lb 93ft/s 1,665ft/s 19.5G 14,462ft 25.1s 21s
OK Cesaroni M2045 25.88lb 99ft/s 1,804ft/s 22.0G 14,809ft 24.8s 21s
OK Cesaroni M2150 26.44lb 97ft/s 1,839ft/s 22.4G 14,921ft 24.9s 21s
OK AeroTech M1850 27.26lb 95ft/s 1,497ft/s 19.0G 15,012ft 25.8s 19s
OK Gorilla M1085 28.06lb 87ft/s 1,317ft/s 17.6G 15,076ft 26.5s 19s
OK Gorilla M2925 28.06lb 112ft/s 1,905ft/s 36.8G 15,283ft 24.9s 22s
OK Cesaroni M1590 25.90lb 95ft/s 1,685ft/s 19.2G 15,442ft 25.5s 21s
OK Cesaroni M2020 28.00lb 103ft/s 1,851ft/s 20.8G 16,038ft 25.6s 21s
OK KBA M1450 29.29lb 88ft/s 1,580ft/s 16.5G 16,042ft 26.9s 21s
OK Cesaroni M1545 29.87lb 78ft/s 1,663ft/s 13.4G 16,060ft 26.7s 21s
OK Loki M3000 28.29lb 130ft/s 2,004ft/s 34.8G 16,127ft 25.1s 22s
OK AMW M1630 28.45lb 116ft/s 1,629ft/s 25.9G 16,152ft 26.2s 21s
OK Cesaroni M840 27.83lb 81ft/s 1,294ft/s 14.8G 16,161ft 28.2s 19s
OK AeroTech M685 27.95lb 70ft/s 1,180ft/s 10.2G 16,595ft 29.3s 17s
OK Loki M3464 29.25lb 124ft/s 2,169ft/s 35.2G 16,724ft 25.5s 23s
OK Cesaroni M2245 30.54lb 98ft/s 2,039ft/s 22.2G 17,702ft 26.6s 22s

Don't like the units? Login to set your preferences. Don't understand the results? See the motor guide help page.

Motors That Fail

These motors fit your rocket, but failed one safety check or another. They may actually work, but you should use them only with caution. We encourage you to run a more complete simulation to verify flight safety; see the simulators page for more info.

  Motor Reason
failedG Contrail K300 speed at end of launch guide too slow (47ft/s)
failedG Hypertek L200 speed at end of launch guide too slow (34ft/s)
failedG Gorilla L695 speed at end of launch guide too slow (47ft/s)
failedG Hypertek L225 speed at end of launch guide too slow (38ft/s)
failedG Loki L480 speed at end of launch guide too slow (45ft/s)
failedG Contrail L369 speed at end of launch guide too slow (47ft/s)
failedG Cesaroni L395 speed at end of launch guide too slow (46ft/s)

G These simulations were run with a launch guide length of 8ft (rod, rail or tower). If this is not correct, launch guide lengths can be specified for your saved rockets. (The minimum velocity required is approximately 15m/s or 50ft/s.)

Download the Results

The data is presented in a compact form in the tables above, broken down by motors that worked and those that did not. If you would like to analyze the data further, this section provides download links for files in a generic spreadsheet format (comma-separated value, or CSV) that can be opened with almost any spreadsheet program.

CSV Excel   Download full details of the simulation runs with the various motors:
that worked, that failed, or all of them.
RockSim   Download the list of motors that fit your rocket into a batch for use with SMARTSim. (See the Simulators page for more info.)

You should download these files to your machine and then open them. Normally, clicking the link will prompt you to do this. However, if your browser insists on opening the file as plain text, you can right-click (control-click on the Mac) on the link and chose Save File As (or similar).

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