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Motor Guide Results

Here is your handy guide to the motors that might work with your rocket. We found 86 motors that fit and appear to have enough thrust (720 motors didn't fit, 5 motors failed safety checks). 91 motor had thrust curves available and 168 flight simulations were performed. Browse the motors that did and didn't work right here or download the results as a spreadsheet.

The Rocket

Rocket Name:   Patriot
Owner: Sather M. Ranum
Body Diameter: 7.50in
Dry Weight: 440.0oz
MMT Diameter: 75.0mm
MMT Length: 34.00in
CD: 0.65

Motors That Work

These motors fit your rocket and appear to have enough thrust to lift it safely. If thrust curves are available, a quick simulation has been run to give a rough idea of the performance of your rocket on this motor. We encourage you to run a more complete simulation with any motor you plan to use; see the simulators page for more info.

  Motor Weight Launch Velocity Accel Altitude Time Delay
OK Contrail K707 569.6oz 71ft/s 218ft/s 7.7G 879ft 7.9s 6s
OK Contrail K630 565.2oz 55ft/s 219ft/s 4.7G 896ft 8.2s 6s
OK AeroTech K1499 501.4oz 93ft/s 277ft/s 11.4G 1,055ft 8.2s 7s
OK Contrail K456 570.7oz 58ft/s 221ft/s 4.6G 1,089ft 9.2s 6s
OK Contrail K543 567.2oz 58ft/s 304ft/s 4.7G 1,701ft 11.1s 8s
OK Cesaroni K735 528.5oz 53ft/s 335ft/s 5.1G 1,706ft 11.0s 8s
OK AeroTech K780 543.5oz 60ft/s 390ft/s 5.3G 2,162ft 12.1s 9s
OK Cesaroni K2000 526.9oz 100ft/s 471ft/s 16.1G 2,282ft 11.4s 10s
OK AeroTech K560 536.8oz 52ft/s 348ft/s 4.2G 2,283ft 12.9s 8s
OK Cesaroni K510 531.4oz 52ft/s 342ft/s 3.6G 2,289ft 13.2s 8s
OK Cesaroni K661 529.2oz 52ft/s 386ft/s 4.1G 2,294ft 12.8s 9s
OK Cesaroni K1085 525.7oz 68ft/s 436ft/s 7.0G 2,311ft 12.0s 10s
OK AeroTech K1000 531.8oz 71ft/s 440ft/s 6.8G 2,430ft 12.3s 10s
OK Cesaroni L585 538.2oz 50ft/s 388ft/s 3.4G 2,519ft 13.6s 9s
OK Cesaroni L820 560.6oz 53ft/s 464ft/s 5.1G 2,825ft 13.8s 10s
OK Cesaroni L910 532.3oz 65ft/s 480ft/s 6.0G 2,875ft 13.5s 10s
OK Loki L780 563.5oz 49ft/s 469ft/s 4.9G 2,898ft 14.0s 10s
OK Gorilla L789 559.2oz 54ft/s 497ft/s 4.8G 3,243ft 14.6s 10s
OK Gorilla L425 563.5oz 51ft/s 366ft/s 3.8G 3,276ft 16.0s 8s
OK Cesaroni L3200 555.1oz 119ft/s 652ft/s 23.4G 3,294ft 13.0s 12s
OK Cesaroni L645 572.3oz 50ft/s 462ft/s 3.7G 3,347ft 15.4s 10s
OK AeroTech L1150 569.6oz 73ft/s 562ft/s 7.3G 3,448ft 14.3s 11s
OK Gorilla L985 568.1oz 57ft/s 567ft/s 6.1G 3,520ft 14.8s 11s
OK Loki L930 564.8oz 63ft/s 538ft/s 6.2G 3,522ft 14.8s 11s
OK Gorilla L1150 563.5oz 68ft/s 572ft/s 9.9G 3,554ft 14.4s 11s
OK Cesaroni L995 566.7oz 73ft/s 550ft/s 7.0G 3,619ft 14.7s 11s
OK AeroTech L875 601.4oz 59ft/s 539ft/s 4.8G 3,631ft 15.2s 11s
OK Cesaroni L851 573.7oz 59ft/s 540ft/s 5.1G 3,657ft 15.3s 11s
OK AeroTech L850 572.0oz 66ft/s 528ft/s 6.5G 3,666ft 14.9s 10s
OK Gorilla L1112 568.0oz 73ft/s 586ft/s 7.2G 3,679ft 14.7s 11s
OK AeroTech L900 606.6oz 59ft/s 545ft/s 5.0G 3,708ft 15.3s 11s
OK AeroTech L1040 606.4oz 63ft/s 565ft/s 6.3G 3,715ft 15.0s 11s
OK Cesaroni L1720 557.8oz 90ft/s 665ft/s 11.6G 3,729ft 14.2s 12s
OK AeroTech L1256 572.5oz 79ft/s 604ft/s 8.3G 3,752ft 14.6s 12s
OK AeroTech L1520 568.8oz 84ft/s 639ft/s 9.7G 3,757ft 14.3s 12s
OK Cesaroni L1050 561.6oz 68ft/s 582ft/s 6.7G 3,759ft 14.9s 11s
OK Cesaroni L800 563.8oz 66ft/s 523ft/s 6.6G 3,772ft 15.3s 11s
OK Cesaroni L1355 615.0oz 79ft/s 613ft/s 9.3G 3,850ft 14.7s 12s
OK Loki L1482 564.8oz 78ft/s 669ft/s 9.0G 3,882ft 14.6s 12s
OK Loki L840 572.2oz 64ft/s 546ft/s 6.4G 3,888ft 15.3s 11s
OK AeroTech L1390 576.8oz 79ft/s 639ft/s 9.3G 3,921ft 14.8s 12s
OK AeroTech L1170 616.0oz 74ft/s 625ft/s 7.6G 4,045ft 15.2s 12s
OK AeroTech L1250 639.2oz 73ft/s 624ft/s 7.7G 4,135ft 15.5s 12s
OK Gorilla L1065 629.2oz 75ft/s 618ft/s 9.3G 4,260ft 15.4s 11s
OK Cesaroni L1350 566.0oz 80ft/s 686ft/s 8.6G 4,310ft 15.3s 12s
OK AMW L1290 630.4oz 69ft/s 676ft/s 7.4G 4,478ft 16.0s 12s
OK AeroTech L1420 600.9oz 79ft/s 715ft/s 8.6G 4,507ft 15.6s 12s
OK AeroTech L1365 613.1oz 78ft/s 707ft/s 8.6G 4,620ft 15.9s 12s
OK Cesaroni L1410 620.4oz 73ft/s 720ft/s 8.1G 4,643ft 16.0s 13s
OK Cesaroni L1685 653.4oz 93ft/s 729ft/s 11.5G 4,697ft 15.7s 13s
OK Cesaroni L2375 586.8oz 102ft/s 847ft/s 14.9G 4,757ft 15.3s 13s
OK Cesaroni L1395 592.5oz 82ft/s 748ft/s 10.0G 4,811ft 16.0s 13s
OK AeroTech L2200 608.7oz 104ft/s 812ft/s 17.4G 4,835ft 15.3s 13s
OK Cesaroni L1115 595.3oz 80ft/s 679ft/s 8.9G 4,912ft 16.5s 12s
OK Loki M1200 629.3oz 65ft/s 711ft/s 7.3G 4,948ft 16.7s 12s
OK AeroTech M1350 609.6oz 83ft/s 732ft/s 9.4G 4,996ft 16.2s 12s
OK AeroTech M1500 612.7oz 81ft/s 766ft/s 9.1G 5,034ft 16.3s 13s
OK Gorilla M1355 634.0oz 74ft/s 737ft/s 9.4G 5,057ft 16.4s 13s
OK Cesaroni M1101 614.2oz 71ft/s 694ft/s 7.4G 5,072ft 16.9s 12s
OK Gorilla M745 638.2oz 73ft/s 572ft/s 7.8G 5,179ft 17.6s 10s
OK Cesaroni M2250 595.7oz 104ft/s 879ft/s 15.0G 5,190ft 15.7s 13s
OK AeroTech M1550 639.1oz 90ft/s 782ft/s 10.9G 5,197ft 16.4s 13s
OK AeroTech M1780 606.3oz 101ft/s 822ft/s 13.2G 5,227ft 16.1s 13s
OK AeroTech M1297 603.6oz 89ft/s 749ft/s 10.9G 5,258ft 16.5s 12s
OK AeroTech M2050 600.8oz 102ft/s 859ft/s 14.4G 5,261ft 16.1s 13s
OK Loki M900 635.1oz 55ft/s 663ft/s 4.8G 5,297ft 18.0s 12s
OK Cesaroni M1230 610.9oz 76ft/s 743ft/s 7.8G 5,318ft 17.0s 12s
OK Cesaroni M1830 599.6oz 91ft/s 849ft/s 12.4G 5,347ft 16.2s 13s
OK Gorilla M1665 638.2oz 90ft/s 804ft/s 11.8G 5,386ft 16.5s 13s
OK Gorilla M1952 632.0oz 104ft/s 873ft/s 14.4G 5,573ft 16.5s 13s
OK Cesaroni M3100 617.0oz 114ft/s 1,013ft/s 20.4G 5,596ft 15.9s 14s
OK Cesaroni M1160 641.0oz 66ft/s 746ft/s 6.5G 5,609ft 17.7s 13s
OK Cesaroni M1670 624.5oz 87ft/s 842ft/s 11.7G 5,691ft 17.0s 13s
OK Cesaroni M1810 631.0oz 87ft/s 888ft/s 10.8G 5,697ft 16.8s 13s
OK Loki M1882 635.2oz 97ft/s 909ft/s 13.6G 5,767ft 16.6s 13s
OK Cesaroni M1675 624.2oz 90ft/s 875ft/s 10.8G 5,791ft 16.9s 13s
OK Cesaroni M1401 643.7oz 77ft/s 817ft/s 8.3G 5,871ft 17.5s 13s
OK Cesaroni M1400 627.0oz 90ft/s 808ft/s 11.6G 5,904ft 17.3s 13s
OK Loki M2550 635.1oz 110ft/s 998ft/s 16.0G 5,942ft 16.5s 14s
OK Cesaroni M3700 643.8oz 126ft/s 1,090ft/s 22.0G 6,000ft 16.3s 14s
OK AeroTech M650 620.8oz 68ft/s 587ft/s 6.7G 6,015ft 19.3s 8s
OK Loki M1650 638.6oz 108ft/s 830ft/s 20.1G 6,043ft 17.1s 13s
OK Cesaroni M1300 639.5oz 104ft/s 757ft/s 15.0G 6,073ft 17.5s 13s
OK AeroTech M1315 639.1oz 81ft/s 804ft/s 9.1G 6,215ft 17.9s 12s
OK Cesaroni M1540 648.3oz 90ft/s 876ft/s 12.4G 6,250ft 17.5s 13s
OK Cesaroni M2020 688.0oz 98ft/s 1,034ft/s 12.9G 7,171ft 18.1s 14s

Don't like the units? Login to set your preferences. Don't understand the results? See the motor guide help page.

Motors That Fail

These motors fit your rocket, but failed one safety check or another. They may actually work, but you should use them only with caution. We encourage you to run a more complete simulation to verify flight safety; see the simulators page for more info.

  Motor Reason
failedG Cesaroni K555 speed at end of launch guide too slow (44ft/s)
failedG Gorilla L695 speed at end of launch guide too slow (44ft/s)
failedG Loki L480 speed at end of launch guide too slow (39ft/s)
failedG Contrail L369 speed at end of launch guide too slow (41ft/s)
failedG Cesaroni L395 speed at end of launch guide too slow (41ft/s)

G These simulations were run with a launch guide length of 12ft (rod, rail or tower). If this is not correct, launch guide lengths can be specified for your saved rockets. (The minimum velocity required is approximately 15m/s or 50ft/s.)

Download the Results

The data is presented in a compact form in the tables above, broken down by motors that worked and those that did not. If you would like to analyze the data further, this section provides download links for files in a generic spreadsheet format (comma-separated value, or CSV) that can be opened with almost any spreadsheet program.

CSV Excel   Download full details of the simulation runs with the various motors:
that worked, that failed, or all of them.
RockSim   Download the list of motors that fit your rocket into a batch for use with SMARTSim. (See the Simulators page for more info.)

You should download these files to your machine and then open them. Normally, clicking the link will prompt you to do this. However, if your browser insists on opening the file as plain text, you can right-click (control-click on the Mac) on the link and chose Save File As (or similar).

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