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Motor Guide Results

Here is your handy guide to the motors that might work with your rocket. We found 184 motors that fit and appear to have enough thrust (626 motors didn't fit). 181 motor had thrust curves available and 329 flight simulations were performed. Browse the motors that did and didn't work right here or download the results as a spreadsheet.

The Rocket

Rocket Name:   Go Devil 2
Owner: Christopher Texler
Body Diameter: 57.0mm
Dry Weight: 1.400Kg
MMT Diameter: 54.0mm
MMT Length: 30.00in
CD: 0.13

Motors That Work

These motors fit your rocket and appear to have enough thrust to lift it safely. If thrust curves are available, a quick simulation has been run to give a rough idea of the performance of your rocket on this motor. We encourage you to run a more complete simulation with any motor you plan to use; see the simulators page for more info.

  Motor Weight Launch Velocity Accel Altitude Time Delay
OK AeroTech I117 1.966Kg 15m/s 168m/s 7.8G 1,469m 18.3s 15s
OK Cesaroni I140 1.964Kg 17m/s 181m/s 7.5G 1,683m 19.4s 16s
OK AeroTech I115 1.945Kg 16m/s 182m/s 8.1G 1,776m 20.0s 17s
OK AeroTech I215 1.927Kg 24m/s 196m/s 13.0G 1,800m 19.4s 18s
OK AeroTech I170 1.928Kg 20m/s 196m/s 10.3G 1,848m 19.9s 18s
OK AeroTech I599 1.912Kg 43m/s 215m/s 40.7G 1,942m 19.5s 19s
OK AeroTech I229 1.914Kg 24m/s 208m/s 14.1G 1,953m 20.1s 18s
OK Contrail J245 2.950Kg 24m/s 203m/s 14.2G 2,122m 21.2s 19s
OK Cesaroni I150 1.970Kg 19m/s 213m/s 8.2G 2,216m 21.9s 19s
OK Contrail J355 2.964Kg 29m/s 224m/s 18.3G 2,371m 22.2s 20s
OK Cesaroni I120 2.023Kg 17m/s 215m/s 6.4G 2,388m 23.1s 19s
OK Cesaroni I445 1.975Kg 32m/s 241m/s 27.7G 2,397m 21.6s 21s
OK Hypertek J115 2.682Kg 19m/s 194m/s 8.0G 2,454m 23.8s 17s
OK Cesaroni I218 1.980Kg 23m/s 236m/s 12.9G 2,461m 22.5s 20s
OK Contrail J292 2.942Kg 29m/s 223m/s 18.1G 2,523m 23.0s 21s
OK Cesaroni I165 1.994Kg 20m/s 234m/s 8.8G 2,575m 23.3s 20s
OK Hypertek J250 2.692Kg 26m/s 235m/s 14.5G 2,735m 23.8s 21s
OK Hypertek J170 2.682Kg 23m/s 228m/s 12.3G 2,858m 24.7s 20s
OK Cesaroni I100 2.207Kg 22m/s 211m/s 13.1G 2,927m 25.5s 17s
OK Hypertek J120 2.693Kg 20m/s 218m/s 8.9G 2,957m 25.8s 19s
OK AeroTech I65 2.152Kg 20m/s 231m/s 8.3G 3,282m 27.1s 19s
OK Hypertek J270 2.696Kg 28m/s 269m/s 17.7G 3,402m 26.1s 23s
OK AeroTech J90 2.253Kg 16m/s 247m/s 7.6G 3,444m 27.4s 20s
OK Hypertek J190 2.693Kg 24m/s 264m/s 13.5G 3,560m 27.2s 22s
OK Cesaroni J250 2.230Kg 21m/s 299m/s 13.0G 3,561m 26.7s 24s
OK Cesaroni J145 2.237Kg 23m/s 268m/s 21.1G 3,570m 27.1s 22s
OK AeroTech J250 2.307Kg 22m/s 305m/s 13.7G 3,671m 26.9s 24s
OK Cesaroni J280 2.354Kg 23m/s 310m/s 14.6G 3,704m 27.0s 24s
OK AeroTech J250 2.108Kg 26m/s 320m/s 15.7G 3,962m 27.6s 25s
OK AeroTech J315 2.251Kg 26m/s 331m/s 16.9G 4,101m 28.0s 25s
OK Cesaroni J1055 2.172Kg 48m/s 359m/s 58.3G 4,187m 27.4s 27s
OK Gorilla J365 2.604Kg 21m/s 335m/s 20.3G 4,241m 28.7s 26s
OK AeroTech J180 2.209Kg 25m/s 318m/s 14.2G 4,342m 29.0s 24s
OK Cesaroni J240 2.275Kg 23m/s 344m/s 12.9G 4,441m 29.3s 26s
OK Cesaroni J210 2.242Kg 23m/s 325m/s 14.0G 4,474m 29.9s 26s
OK AeroTech J275 2.264Kg 24m/s 349m/s 15.2G 4,599m 29.6s 26s
OK Gorilla J167 2.616Kg 23m/s 313m/s 13.6G 4,686m 30.8s 25s
OK Cesaroni J293 2.240Kg 24m/s 365m/s 15.2G 4,694m 29.8s 27s
OK Cesaroni J430 2.200Kg 31m/s 377m/s 23.3G 4,695m 29.3s 27s
OK Cesaroni J244 2.311Kg 21m/s 359m/s 11.6G 4,706m 30.2s 27s
OK AMW J400 2.782Kg 25m/s 367m/s 19.2G 4,810m 30.2s 28s
OK AeroTech J460 2.189Kg 32m/s 387m/s 25.8G 4,853m 29.6s 27s
OK AeroTech J1299 2.234Kg 54m/s 403m/s 71.2G 4,881m 29.2s 29s
OK Loki J350 2.660Kg 24m/s 370m/s 17.9G 4,916m 30.5s 28s
OK AMW J1365 2.519Kg 51m/s 395m/s 66.6G 4,942m 29.6s 29s
OK AMW J475 2.810Kg 28m/s 389m/s 24.1G 5,141m 30.8s 29s
OK AeroTech J135 2.541Kg 19m/s 350m/s 10.0G 5,507m 33.1s 26s
OK Cesaroni J360 2.504Kg 24m/s 412m/s 21.1G 5,510m 31.8s 29s
OK Cesaroni J380 2.693Kg 25m/s 414m/s 18.6G 5,512m 31.9s 29s
OK Gorilla J395 2.560Kg 24m/s 412m/s 19.0G 5,572m 32.1s 30s
OK Gorilla J465 2.582Kg 27m/s 417m/s 28.1G 5,576m 31.8s 30s
OK Gorilla J450 2.855Kg 25m/s 405m/s 22.5G 5,594m 32.3s 30s
OK AeroTech J450 2.623Kg 27m/s 413m/s 21.9G 5,603m 32.1s 30s
OK AMW J395 2.668Kg 27m/s 408m/s 17.4G 5,629m 32.3s 30s
OK AMW J325 2.630Kg 29m/s 398m/s 20.0G 5,672m 32.5s 29s
OK Gorilla J485 2.590Kg 29m/s 434m/s 23.8G 5,836m 32.4s 30s
OK AMW J440 2.629Kg 37m/s 425m/s 30.3G 5,845m 32.2s 30s
OK AeroTech J1799 2.511Kg 58m/s 469m/s 90.7G 5,917m 31.6s 31s
OK Gorilla J535 2.625Kg 34m/s 440m/s 26.7G 5,919m 32.3s 30s
OK Loki J175 2.650Kg 26m/s 378m/s 15.2G 5,985m 33.9s 27s
OK Loki J525 2.640Kg 32m/s 447m/s 27.4G 6,006m 32.6s 31s
OK AMW J475 2.893Kg 30m/s 426m/s 19.8G 6,094m 33.3s 30s
OK Cesaroni J1520 2.426Kg 54m/s 484m/s 80.1G 6,111m 32.0s 31s
OK Loki J820 2.610Kg 42m/s 462m/s 45.6G 6,118m 32.4s 31s
OK AMW K1720 2.751Kg 56m/s 470m/s 79.1G 6,226m 32.6s 32s
OK Gorilla K222 2.997Kg 24m/s 381m/s 13.6G 6,229m 34.9s 28s
OK Cesaroni J140 2.680Kg 17m/s 366m/s 7.4G 6,244m 35.7s 26s
OK Loki J300 2.715Kg 25m/s 428m/s 14.2G 6,330m 34.3s 30s
OK AeroTech J540 2.484Kg 35m/s 484m/s 28.2G 6,391m 33.0s 31s
OK AeroTech J401 2.312Kg 29m/s 481m/s 21.4G 6,474m 33.4s 31s
OK Cesaroni J355 2.575Kg 27m/s 464m/s 16.9G 6,503m 34.1s 31s
OK AMW J745 2.620Kg 40m/s 480m/s 34.7G 6,516m 33.6s 32s
OK Cesaroni J295 2.519Kg 27m/s 453m/s 16.8G 6,595m 34.4s 30s
OK AMW K665 3.137Kg 32m/s 473m/s 30.2G 6,626m 34.1s 32s
OK AeroTech K456 2.884Kg 28m/s 477m/s 19.8G 6,732m 34.5s 32s
OK AeroTech J415 2.568Kg 28m/s 493m/s 22.3G 6,922m 34.6s 31s
OK AeroTech K185 2.834Kg 21m/s 416m/s 11.8G 6,988m 36.3s 29s
OK AeroTech J800 2.486Kg 42m/s 527m/s 38.1G 7,037m 34.2s 32s
OK Cesaroni K360 2.632Kg 25m/s 499m/s 16.5G 7,074m 35.3s 32s
OK Cesaroni J449 2.522Kg 30m/s 512m/s 21.8G 7,084m 34.8s 32s
OK Gorilla K533 3.117Kg 27m/s 488m/s 24.2G 7,093m 35.4s 33s
OK Gorilla K555 2.977Kg 29m/s 496m/s 23.8G 7,126m 35.4s 33s
OK AeroTech K400 2.594Kg 30m/s 489m/s 20.2G 7,183m 35.5s 32s
OK Cesaroni J760 2.477Kg 40m/s 541m/s 36.1G 7,204m 34.5s 33s
OK Cesaroni K454 2.791Kg 28m/s 504m/s 20.1G 7,215m 35.4s 32s
OK Gorilla K520 2.842Kg 28m/s 504m/s 23.1G 7,223m 35.6s 33s
OK AMW K475 2.892Kg 29m/s 498m/s 22.3G 7,228m 35.7s 33s
OK Gorilla K630 2.960Kg 31m/s 506m/s 30.0G 7,243m 35.4s 33s
OK Cesaroni K530 3.040Kg 27m/s 518m/s 23.9G 7,262m 35.5s 33s
OK AMW K535 2.959Kg 31m/s 505m/s 21.9G 7,372m 35.9s 33s
OK AeroTech K513 3.047Kg 29m/s 520m/s 24.5G 7,422m 35.7s 33s
OK AMW K610 3.165Kg 31m/s 506m/s 23.4G 7,494m 36.2s 34s
OK KBA K700 2.903Kg 36m/s 532m/s 35.7G 7,504m 35.7s 34s
OK AeroTech K2050 2.692Kg 62m/s 575m/s 89.8G 7,599m 35.0s 34s
OK AMW K455 2.904Kg 34m/s 505m/s 26.2G 7,608m 36.3s 33s
OK Loki K690 3.800Kg 28m/s 513m/s 25.2G 7,610m 36.6s 34s
OK AeroTech K535 2.664Kg 34m/s 549m/s 24.7G 7,731m 35.9s 33s
OK Cesaroni K2045 2.690Kg 60m/s 592m/s 100.8G 7,734m 35.1s 34s
OK AeroTech K695 2.887Kg 35m/s 557m/s 32.6G 7,735m 35.8s 34s
OK Gorilla K327 3.217Kg 28m/s 471m/s 21.3G 7,766m 37.3s 32s
OK AMW K700 3.488Kg 30m/s 530m/s 28.5G 7,790m 36.7s 34s
OK Cesaroni K160 2.872Kg 20m/s 421m/s 9.0G 7,882m 39.1s 29s
OK AMW K855 3.521Kg 33m/s 552m/s 34.2G 8,109m 37.1s 35s
OK AMW K935 2.908Kg 41m/s 578m/s 39.8G 8,209m 36.8s 35s
OK AeroTech K550 2.887Kg 33m/s 563m/s 29.7G 8,250m 37.0s 34s
OK Loki K250 3.191Kg 30m/s 479m/s 24.6G 8,301m 39.2s 32s
OK Cesaroni K400 2.951Kg 26m/s 557m/s 15.7G 8,333m 37.9s 34s
OK Cesaroni K515 3.054Kg 30m/s 566m/s 21.7G 8,380m 37.6s 34s
OK Cesaroni K500 2.876Kg 30m/s 582m/s 21.6G 8,385m 37.4s 34s
OK AeroTech K540 2.675Kg 36m/s 606m/s 31.7G 8,408m 36.6s 33s
OK AeroTech K1100 2.736Kg 48m/s 621m/s 49.2G 8,451m 36.6s 35s
OK Cesaroni K650 3.390Kg 30m/s 594m/s 27.7G 8,552m 37.8s 35s
OK Gorilla K700 3.116Kg 30m/s 583m/s 28.7G 8,589m 38.0s 36s
OK Cesaroni K445 2.798Kg 33m/s 579m/s 23.3G 8,645m 37.9s 34s
OK Gorilla K763 3.192Kg 31m/s 595m/s 30.2G 8,676m 38.0s 36s
OK AMW K710 3.212Kg 35m/s 574m/s 27.5G 8,739m 38.3s 36s
OK Cesaroni K940 2.766Kg 42m/s 640m/s 41.5G 8,776m 37.3s 36s
OK AMW K670 3.285Kg 34m/s 583m/s 25.8G 8,838m 38.6s 36s
OK Gorilla K805 3.175Kg 35m/s 603m/s 39.1G 8,839m 38.1s 36s
OK AeroTech K990 3.509Kg 35m/s 601m/s 37.2G 8,846m 38.3s 36s
OK Cesaroni K630 2.810Kg 34m/s 637m/s 28.0G 8,855m 37.6s 35s
OK Cesaroni K520 2.976Kg 31m/s 606m/s 21.2G 8,877m 38.3s 35s
OK AeroTech K850 3.441Kg 36m/s 616m/s 37.0G 8,937m 38.3s 36s
OK AMW K580 3.223Kg 36m/s 580m/s 33.2G 9,057m 39.0s 36s
OK AeroTech K805 2.943Kg 36m/s 638m/s 32.9G 9,073m 38.2s 36s
OK AeroTech K1103 2.859Kg 50m/s 683m/s 56.6G 9,422m 38.2s 36s
OK Gorilla K980 3.857Kg 36m/s 602m/s 37.2G 9,481m 39.9s 38s
OK Loki K527 3.373Kg 32m/s 597m/s 22.1G 9,540m 40.2s 36s
OK AMW K1250 3.215Kg 46m/s 653m/s 50.3G 9,569m 39.1s 37s
OK AeroTech K270 3.500Kg 23m/s 511m/s 11.4G 9,602m 41.8s 33s
OK Loki K960 3.146Kg 50m/s 663m/s 49.1G 9,676m 39.2s 37s
OK Cesaroni K675 3.340Kg 32m/s 643m/s 27.1G 9,680m 39.7s 37s
OK AeroTech K828 3.623Kg 37m/s 650m/s 36.0G 9,686m 39.5s 37s
OK Cesaroni K261 3.332Kg 21m/s 541m/s 10.6G 9,694m 41.7s 33s
OK Cesaroni K740 2.869Kg 38m/s 687m/s 32.2G 9,737m 39.0s 37s
OK Cesaroni K650 3.110Kg 35m/s 674m/s 39.4G 9,757m 39.1s 36s
OK Cesaroni K635 3.168Kg 33m/s 673m/s 25.5G 9,839m 39.6s 36s
OK Cesaroni K490 3.254Kg 29m/s 646m/s 20.1G 9,862m 40.3s 36s
OK AMW K1075 4.039Kg 37m/s 614m/s 38.8G 9,876m 40.8s 39s
OK AeroTech K1275 3.386Kg 47m/s 697m/s 47.3G 9,990m 39.4s 37s
OK Cesaroni K1200 3.032Kg 43m/s 739m/s 49.5G 10,205m 39.4s 38s
OK AeroTech K375 3.506Kg 40m/s 604m/s 39.0G 10,263m 41.2s 35s
OK Cesaroni K570 3.085Kg 36m/s 675m/s 28.8G 10,270m 40.3s 37s
OK Cesaroni K600 3.292Kg 33m/s 685m/s 23.2G 10,319m 40.6s 37s
OK Cesaroni K780 3.100Kg 39m/s 745m/s 32.2G 10,438m 39.8s 37s
OK AeroTech K700 3.435Kg 38m/s 684m/s 31.9G 10,441m 40.5s 37s
OK AeroTech K455 3.686Kg 40m/s 619m/s 36.0G 10,453m 41.5s 36s
OK AeroTech K480 3.478Kg 33m/s 656m/s 25.8G 10,496m 41.1s 36s
OK Cesaroni K815 3.597Kg 32m/s 709m/s 33.1G 10,685m 41.1s 38s
OK Cesaroni K750 3.457Kg 34m/s 722m/s 29.2G 10,752m 40.9s 38s
OK Gorilla K1075 3.941Kg 37m/s 680m/s 39.4G 10,770m 41.9s 40s
OK Gorilla K470 3.727Kg 35m/s 631m/s 28.6G 10,837m 42.1s 37s
OK Cesaroni K260 3.448Kg 23m/s 574m/s 12.2G 10,843m 43.5s 35s
OK KBA K750 4.036Kg 37m/s 666m/s 29.0G 10,858m 42.1s 39s
OK Cesaroni K711 3.598Kg 36m/s 713m/s 42.0G 10,898m 41.4s 38s
OK KBA K1750 3.964Kg 48m/s 725m/s 68.8G 10,956m 41.5s 40s
OK AMW K1130 3.974Kg 40m/s 692m/s 41.2G 11,048m 42.2s 40s
OK Loki K830 3.800Kg 28m/s 729m/s 42.4G 11,086m 42.2s 39s
OK Loki K350 3.940Kg 34m/s 597m/s 30.7G 11,158m 44.0s 37s
OK Cesaroni K820 3.382Kg 38m/s 740m/s 48.9G 11,188m 41.5s 39s
OK Gorilla K1185 3.941Kg 35m/s 715m/s 41.9G 11,240m 42.5s 40s
OK Cesaroni K1440 3.293Kg 52m/s 801m/s 60.6G 11,255m 40.9s 39s
OK Cesaroni K590 3.394Kg 45m/s 695m/s 53.6G 11,273m 42.0s 38s
OK AMW L1276 4.360Kg 38m/s 693m/s 43.2G 11,424m 43.2s 41s
OK Cesaroni K660 3.349Kg 37m/s 744m/s 32.1G 11,462m 42.0s 38s
OK AeroTech K1050 3.603Kg 41m/s 762m/s 42.8G 11,523m 42.1s 40s
OK Cesaroni K300 3.670Kg 26m/s 609m/s 14.1G 11,654m 44.7s 36s
OK AeroTech K250 3.611Kg 21m/s 614m/s 12.0G 11,698m 44.8s 35s
OK AMW L985 3.972Kg 38m/s 720m/s 36.8G 11,779m 43.4s 41s
OK Cesaroni L265 3.881Kg 22m/s 601m/s 11.2G 11,783m 45.7s 35s
OK AeroTech L1090 3.832Kg 39m/s 753m/s 35.3G 11,797m 42.8s 40s
OK KBA L2300 4.030Kg 54m/s 765m/s 87.1G 11,893m 43.0s 42s
OK AeroTech L1000 3.594Kg 42m/s 806m/s 37.3G 11,961m 42.3s 39s
OK Cesaroni L805 3.902Kg 38m/s 783m/s 37.6G 12,203m 43.2s 39s
OK Cesaroni L640 3.644Kg 42m/s 731m/s 43.8G 12,298m 43.6s 39s
OK Cesaroni L990 3.636Kg 42m/s 816m/s 44.7G 12,324m 42.9s 40s
OK Cesaroni L1030 3.738Kg 39m/s 841m/s 41.2G 12,353m 42.9s 40s
OK Cesaroni L730 3.647Kg 40m/s 776m/s 33.1G 12,356m 43.4s 40s
OK Loki L1400 3.940Kg 43m/s 808m/s 61.6G 12,465m 43.6s 42s
OK Cesaroni L935 3.942Kg 41m/s 837m/s 38.9G 13,130m 44.3s 41s
OK Loki L1040 4.362Kg 38m/s 906m/s 38.0G 15,057m 47.4s 44s
warningsD AMW K590 3.117Kg 19:1 thrust/weight ratio (no data)
warningsD Gorilla K695 2.897Kg 24:1 thrust/weight ratio (no data)
warningsD Gorilla K828 3.236Kg 26:1 thrust/weight ratio (no data)

D No simulation data found for this motor.

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Download the Results

The data is presented in a compact form in the tables above, broken down by motors that worked and those that did not. If you would like to analyze the data further, this section provides download links for files in a generic spreadsheet format (comma-separated value, or CSV) that can be opened with almost any spreadsheet program.

CSV Excel   Download full details of the simulation runs with the various motors:
that worked, that failed, or all of them.
RockSim   Download the list of motors that fit your rocket into a batch for use with SMARTSim. (See the Simulators page for more info.)

You should download these files to your machine and then open them. Normally, clicking the link will prompt you to do this. However, if your browser insists on opening the file as plain text, you can right-click (control-click on the Mac) on the link and chose Save File As (or similar).

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