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Simulator Data

Motor: Hypertek M1015
Contributor: John Coker
Submitted: Jul 15, 2008
Last Updated: Jan 9, 2007
Data Format: RASP
Data Source: User-Created
License: Unknown
Statistics Declared Calculated Official
Diameter (mm): 98.0 98.0
Length (cm): 115.1 116.6
Prop. Weight (g): 3,250.0 3,250.0
Total Weight (g): 7,158.0
Avg. Thrust (N): 1,021.5 1,015.0
Max. Thrust (N): 1,634.4
Tot. Impulse (Ns): 6,353.2 6,334.0
Burn Time (s): 6.2 6.2
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