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Simulator Data

Motor: AeroTech N3300
Contributor: Charles (Casey) Barker
Submitted: May 20, 2017
Last Updated: May 20, 2017
Data Format: RASP
Data Source: Certification Org
License: Public Domain
Statistics Declared Calculated Official
Diameter (mm): 98.0 98.0
Length (cm): 106.0 104.6
Prop. Weight (g): 7,512.0 7,512.0
Total Weight (g): 12,269.0 12,054.0
Avg. Thrust (N): 3,189.9 3,168.0
Max. Thrust (N): 3,775.8 4,301.0
Tot. Impulse (Ns): 14,035.1 14,041.0
Burn Time (s): 4.4 4.4
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Data Notes

Variances in N3300 Data
There are two very different thrust curves for the AT N3300R floating around online. They have roughly the same net impulse, but the shapes of the curves are quite different in ways that make it difficult to predict launch rail velocity. I believe the source of the discrepancy is that the curve in the Tripoli test report doesn't match the curve in the AeroTech catalog. The test report shows an initial thrust around 800 lbs, level for most of the burn; the AT catalog depicts an initial thrust around 500 lbs, rising to over 900 lbs after ~2 seconds. That makes a huge difference when simulating the rail velocity for a heavy rocket.

I asked Karl Bauman at AT about the discrepancy in an email and he said: "I would use the curve depicted on the TMT motor testing report, it is within 1% of the value we obtained during motor testing."

That being the case, I based my RASP file submission on the data in the test report here:

This report also seems to better reflect real flight data.

Charles (Casey) Barker, May 20, 2017

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