Rocket Motor Data

Here you will find manufacturer specs, certified performance data and other info on commercial model rocket motors and high-power rocket motors. Most importantly, you can download thrust curves for use with rocket flight simulators (RockSim and OpenRocket among others).

The certification organizations test commercial rocket motors and certify them for hobby rocketry use. This site organizes data on those rocket motors and provides a place for hobbyists to post their simulator files and download those posted by others. With well over a thousand data files contributed by many users, you've come to the right place for rocket motor data.

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This site is supported and maintained by John Coker in the hope that it will be a valued resource for the rocketry community. I want to thank the motor testing organizations for their invaluable services to the rocketry hobby and the hobbyists who create motor data and make it available to all. See the contribute page for how you can help.

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