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The motor guide allows you to quickly find motors that will work for a rocket; see the help page for more info.

If you create a rocket, you can run the guide more easily in future as well as have more options.

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Others' Rockets

Here are the 10 most recently created public rockets entered by other people you can try out.

Name Body Diam Weight MMT Diam MMT Len Owner
Patriot 4.00 in 4.25 lb 38 mm 20.00 in Francisco Garcia
Boyce 1/100 Little Joe II 1.10 in 2.9 oz 18 mm 3.00 in Timothy Mauk
Eruption 3.00 in 51.0 oz 54 mm 15.00 in Shawn Snyder
Blue Streak DD 3.00 in 65.0 oz 38 mm 15.00 in David Tepatti
Jayhawk 42 mm 220 g 18 mm 8.00 in John Taylor
Ultimate Dark Star 6.17 in 41.00 lb 75 mm 60.00 in KenRico
Prometheus 5 5.00 in 30.00 lb 98 mm 36.00 in Jim Fields
Jaguar 1.20 in 90 g 29 mm 7.00 in John Chatham
Arrow 2.5 2.60 in 1,568 g 29 mm 18.00 in John Taylor
Lil Goblin 2.64 in 33.3 oz 29 mm 10.00 in Tim Cubbedge

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