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The motor guide allows you to quickly find motors that will work for a rocket; see the help page for more info.

If you create a rocket, you can run the guide more easily in future as well as have more options.

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Others' Rockets

Here are the 10 most recently created public rockets entered by other people you can try out.

Name Body Diam Weight MMT Diam MMT Len Owner
Gypsy Dancer 5.00 in 18.00 lb 75 mm 40.00 in John Carey
MAC Zodiac 54 DD 54 mm 50.0 oz 54 mm 26.00 in EDWARD SABINS
Initiator 2.60 in 1.50 lb 29 mm 7.87 in Dave Pearce
Katana 4.00 in 3,029 g 54 mm 24.00 in Christopher Jezewicz
SBR Thor 54 2.26 in 780 g 38 mm 10.00 in David S. Kemp
Big Bertha 24mmt 42 mm 125 g 24 mm 120 mm David S. Kemp
Mystic buzz 4.00 in 93.0 oz 54 mm 28.00 in Shawn Snyder
Cherokee H 3.00 in 800 g 29 mm 12.00 in Bob Jeary
TNT new rocket Wildman 4.00 in 8.80 lb 75 mm 26.00 in John Taylor
Bad Dog 98 98 mm 3,900 g 54 mm 26.00 in EDWARD SABINS

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