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There are also 1308 public rockets entered by other people you can try out.

Name Body Diam Weight MMT Diam MMT Len Owner
Yank Patriot 7.50in 17.10lb 75mm 100.00in Kenneth Hoeg
School Rocket 2.60in 33.0oz 38mm 15.00in David Tepatti
I hope this works 2.60in 40.0oz 38mm 20.00in David Tepatti
Zulu 3.00in 56.5oz 38mm 15.00in David Tepatti
Grace To You 3.00in 680g 29mm 20.00in John Taylor
test 20mm 5g 18mm 100mm Andrew Hardwick
NCR Archer XL 4.00in 53.0oz 29mm 22.00in Adrian Butler
Chaos 4.00in 5.00lb 54mm 30.00in Adrian Butler
Interceptor 54 2.10in 1.56lb 38mm 12.00in Adrian Butler
Wild Thang Extreme 4.03in 13.00lb 75mm 40.00in Adrian Butler
Punisher 4X4 4.03in 11.50lb 75mm 44.00in Adrian Butler
Interceptor AAD98 4.03in 11.00lb 75mm 36.00in Adrian Butler
WM Goblin 5 5.00in 13.00lb 75mm 30.00in Adrian Butler
LOC Goblin 4.00in 48.0oz 54mm 38.00in Adrian Butler
Darkstar Mini 40mm 508g 29mm 15.00in Nate Beeson
Demon 54 2.10in 1.50lb 29mm 15.00in Adrian Butler
Hellcat 4.00in 72.0oz 54mm 14.00in John Carey
AIR-2 Genie 10.00in 50.00lb 98mm 30.00in THOMAS MCCARTHY
Red Hot 3.00in 92.0oz 38mm 15.00in David Tepatti
MP NPLB-CR-Alt3 2.64in 23.4oz 29mm 8.00in Kenneth B Weaver
Zepher 4.00in 53.0oz 29mm 12.00in Doc Russell
Destroyer 3.00in 24.0oz 29mm 12.00in Doc Russell
Gold v2 4.00in 64.0oz 29mm 12.00in Doc Russell
Nike Smole Polecat 54mm 4.00in 4.80lb 54mm 24.00in John Cummings
WM Gizmo XL DD 8.00in 40.00lb 75mm 22.00in Mark Rose
JG MadCow 1.6 fg mini Black Brant II-kbw-11272020 1.60in 24.0oz 29mm 8.00in Kenneth B Weaver
BSA Eridani 2.60in 24.0oz 29mm 12.00in David Tepatti
SpaceX Crew Dragon 1.60in 9.0oz 24mm 100mm Doc Russell
Pan Am Orion 4.00in 68.0oz 38mm 12.00in Doc Russell
Lil' nuke 2.26in 14.0oz 29mm 12.00in Eric Bunkers
1.6" Fiberglass Mini Black Brant II 1.60in 13.0oz 29mm 8.00in John Grove
Level-2 4.00in 132.0oz 54mm 24.00in John Carey
EZE 1.60in 10.0oz 29mm 12.00in Eric Bunkers
magnum 3 3.00in 2,000g 29mm 25.00in Andrew Steele
Atlas V 3.00in 82.0oz 38mm 15.00in David Tepatti
2 stage sustainer 54mm 5.00lb 38mm 30.00in michael therriault
S300 323mm 300.000kg 300mm 3,176mm Matthew King
Formula 98 4.00in 11.55lb 54mm 20.00in John Taylor
Tarantula 8.00in 66.0oz 29mm 15.00in David Tepatti
Discovery 6.00in 54.0oz 38mm 15.00in David Tepatti
Lotus 5 5.00in 7,200g 75mm 30.00in Andrew Steele
3 in Thor 3.00in 4.00lb 38mm 14.00in John McClure
38mm coupler rocket min diameter 1.66in 24.0oz 38mm 26.00in Timothy Mauk
AMW Squirrel-CR 1.64in 24.0oz 29mm 10.00in Kenneth B Weaver
Pat 4.00in 45.0oz 38mm 12.00in Steve S
LOC Goblin 4.00in 46.0oz 54mm 20.00in Eric Bunkers
Zodiac 54mm 52.0oz 38mm 20.00in Adrien Drouault
MPR 38 3.00in 1,500g 38mm 14.00in Matt Galloway
TLoc 4.00in 30.0oz 29mm 18.00in Jerrold Haught
Don't Ask Me 3.00in 4.60lb 38mm 600mm Chris W
Leviathan 3.00in 19.0oz 29mm 20.00in Eric Bunkers
LOC Magnum 38- Cluster 5.53in 3,926g 29mm 24.00in Michael Sebesta
LOC Magnum 38- Cluster 5.53in 3,926g 29mm 24.00in Michael Sebesta
Trivecta 318 1.63in 347g 18mm 4.00in Nate Beeson
Quark 2.60in 42.0oz 29mm 12.00in David Tepatti
test2 3.00in 522g 29mm 20.00in John Taylor
Reduke 54mm 30.8oz 38mm 19.00in Wayne Comfort
Higgs Farm mini 1.80in 150g 24mm 5.00in Andrew Steele
Mystic buzz 4.00in 93.0oz 54mm 28.00in jeffery j barney
AAM-2D 2.20in 29.0oz 29mm 12.00in David Tepatti
Top Shot 1.64in 5.3oz 24mm 95mm Richard O'Keefe
2 stage sustainer 2.60in 3.50lb 38mm 30.00in michael therriault
2 stage booster 4.00in 15.00lb 54mm 30.00in michael therriault
Ultimate Darkstar 6.00in 41.00lb 98mm 60.00in Wayne Comfort
LOC EZI-65 38mm 10.2cm 1,650g 38mm 17.00in Philip Dougan
Bruno 98 8.00in 28.00lb 98mm 36.00in John Cummings
NSL Big Bertha 4.00in 5.20lb 38mm 20.00in Michael Lehmann
Sagger ATGM 4.00in 59.0oz 38mm 20.00in David Tepatti
Mystic buzz 4.00in 99.0oz 54mm 20.00in jeffery j barney
Aerotech G Force 4.00in 32.0oz 29mm 15.00in Timothy Mauk
Little John 3" 3.00in 930g 38mm 20.00in Andrew Steele
Arrow II 4.00in 79.0oz 38mm 15.00in David Tepatti
Maddog 6 98mm 6.10in 30.50lb 98mm 40.50in Mark Rose
Miss Mayhem 2020 29mm 4.00in 73.5oz 29mm 30.00in Jim Fields
Super nova 3.00in 32.0oz 38mm 20.00in Eric Bunkers
Black Brant X 4.00in 3g 54mm 30.00in David Bowman
Sentinel 4.00in 6.00lb 38mm 21.00in Gregory Olson
Flare 35mm 30g 35mm 35mm Ryan Carter
X-Celerator 4.00in 11.00lb 54mm 21.00in Gregory Olson
Sirius Eradicator 76mm 519g 29mm 559mm Shawn Faulkingham
SBR Vapor 29mm 55mm 17.5oz 29mm 285mm Shawn Faulkingham
SBR Vapor 38mm 55mm 16.5oz 38mm 285mm Shawn Faulkingham
Cork Screw 3.00in 60.0oz 54mm 26.00in David Tepatti
Heavy Metal 3.00in 54.0oz 38mm 15.00in David Tepatti
Mayhem 4.00in 4.00lb 38mm 15.00in Gregory Olson
Mayhem 4.00in 4.00lb 38mm 17.00in Gregory Olson
JG Green V2 4.00in 2.50lb 38mm 15.00in Kenneth B Weaver
bbj 3.00in 12.00lb 54mm 30.00in Sharon E Hodges
Mini-Magg 5.50in 40.0oz 29mm 10.00in Paul Kinzer
Madcow V2 4.00in 4.50lb 54mm 15.00in Tim Dixon
ARV 2.20in 19.0oz 29mm 12.00in David Tepatti
BSA Sirius B 3.00in 50.0oz 38mm 26.00in David Tepatti
Gofast 3.00in 9.00lb 54mm 16.00in Thomas Miller
alien interceptor 2.60in 2,200g 38mm 30.00in Andrew Steele
Composite Warehouse - Mouse 38 3.8cm 323g 29mm 6.00in Philip Dougan
Richter Recker 2.20in 14.0oz 24mm 6.00in Michael Sebesta
Ari's Light 2.60in 21.7oz 29mm 8.00in David Oxford
LOC - Goblin "Are You Maching Me" 4.00in 1,500g 38mm 12.00in Philip Dougan
NCR - Vektra 2.64in 623g 29mm 10.00in Philip Dougan
Composite Warehouse - Hurricane 38 38mm 625g 29mm 12.00in Philip Dougan
NCR - Hobgoblin 6.7cm 515g 29mm 12.00in Philip Dougan
Redsilverblack 1.50in 14.2oz 29mm 11.00in jeffery j barney
Blackdual 3.10in 35.0oz 29mm 12.00in jeffery j barney
4in loc goblin 4.00in 48.0oz 38mm 12.00in jeffery j barney
VH Ariel 3.00in 49.2oz 29mm 20.00in Shawn Snyder
Test 3.00in 400g 24mm 8.00in John Taylor
Estes Big Daddy VanderBurn Mod 3.00in 650g 38mm 12.00in Philip Dougan
Darkstar Jr 2.20in 2.00lb 29mm 12.00in Tim Dixon
Binder Excel 4" DD 4.00in 5.00lb 54mm 24.00in Adrien Drouault
youtube 200.00ft 25,000.00lb 54mm 54mm Blake Wright
Aerotech Strong Arm 2.60in 700g 29mm 14.00in Michael Czernicki
AQM-37C 2.60in 1,425g 29mm 12.00in Michael Czernicki
AIM-4F 2.60in 1,450g 29mm 14.00in Michael Czernicki
MAMBA 42mm 135g 18mm 10.00in John Taylor
Estes Star Orbiter - VanderBurn Mod 42mm 190g 24mm 10.00in Philip Dougan
Estes Partizon 2.50in 523g 29mm 15.00in Philip Dougan
Composite Warehouse Lotus 3 3.00in 1,000g 38mm 12.00in Philip Dougan
Estes Majastic 2.00in 275g 29mm 10.00in Philip Dougan
8” DX3 8.00in 48.00lb 98mm 250.0cm John Kovac
Haymaker 0.98in 117g 18mm 4.00in Nate Beeson
Mach1 Saber Hawk 34mm 250g 24mm 25.0cm Philip Dougan
Scorpion - 38mm 4.00in 4.30lb 38mm 24.00in Michael Sebesta
Mini-Magg 5.54in 4.10lb 38mm 17.00in Gregory Olson
Wildman Vindicator 4.00in 184.0oz 54mm 20.00in Gregory Olson
Jimbo Jart 4.00in 6.88lb 38mm 15.00in Gregory Olson
Jimbo Jart 4.00in 6.88lb 54mm 15.00in Gregory Olson
LOC Wolverine 5.54in 5.00lb 54mm 14.00in Gregory Olson
Haamer 3.00in 46.0oz 38mm 15.00in David Tepatti
IBEX 54 54mm 1,279g 38mm 20.00in John Taylor
Madcow Little John 3" Cardboard 3.10in 1,227g 38mm 12.00in Albert Janes
Skyhook 2.60in 24.0oz 29mm 15.00in David Tepatti
Mars Clipper 4.00in 74.0oz 38mm 15.00in David Tepatti
Express Mail 6.50in 25.0oz 29mm 12.00in David Tepatti
DX3 4.00in 104.0oz 54mm 42.00in James Deckon
Go Joe 2.50in 1.50lb 29mm 8.00in Gregory Olson
Super DX3 4.00in 75.0oz 54mm 11.00in Adam Barrilleaux
Stubby zephyr 4.00in 66.0oz 38mm 11.00in Adam Barrilleaux
LOC HiTech Mini 24mm 72g 18mm 80mm William Chundak
BMS 3 inch School Rocket 34 inch Sustainer 3.00in 16.0oz 38mm 10.00in Kenneth B Weaver
Bruno 75 8.00in 28.00lb 75mm 36.00in John Cummings
Patroit 38mm 4.00in 2,177g 38mm 20.00in John Taylor
Candy Girl 3.00in 700g 29mm 12.00in John Taylor
DAMAGE 2.60in 892g 29mm 20.00in John Taylor
Damage 2.60in 890g 29mm 18.00in John Taylor
LOTUS 3 4.00in 2.50lb 38mm 8.00in John Taylor
Allan22 110mm 2.970kg 10mm 110.600m Allan Henrique de Oliveira Gonçalves
Chimera 5.50in 681.0oz 75mm 44.00in Robert Campbell
Level 3 prototype 6.00in 550.0oz 75mm 36.00in David Tepatti
Enter Sandman 4.00in 2,655g 38mm 40.0cm Michael Ruen
WMJr Orange 2.10in 2.00lb 38mm 18.00in Citizen Baslim
4" Blue Crayon38 4.00in 2.60lb 38mm 14.00in Citizen Baslim
Mercury Redstone 4.00in 2.50lb 38mm 12.00in Gregory Olson
Blu Crayon Bank 6.00in 7.50lb 54mm 20.00in Gregory Olson
Red H 1.25in 1.30lb 29mm 13.50in Scott Dukes
Hobgoblin 2.60in 17.0oz 29mm 9.00in John Carey
Electric Lightning 2.20in 33.0oz 29mm 12.00in David Tepatti
Hawk Park Flyer 1.64in 13.5oz 29mm 8.00in Paul Kinzer
Nicedreams 78mm 2,000g 54mm 1,050mm Ralf Berenbrinker
Drago 54mm 738g 29mm 450mm Jesse Frey
3 inch interceptor 3.00in 6.30lb 54mm 18.00in michael therriault
LOC Vulcanite H76 38mm 09122019 2.26in 44.0oz 38mm 16.50in Kenneth B Weaver
3 inch MC SDCR fg Twitch 38mm 3.00in 64.0oz 38mm 14.00in Kenneth B Weaver
Balsa 63mm 494g 29mm 275mm Ralf Berenbrinker
Proceed with Caution 3.00in 50.0oz 29mm 12.00in David Tepatti
6" rocket 6.00in 10.00lb 38mm 16.00in TOM COHEN
Big daddy 54mm 3.00in 26.0oz 54mm 15.00in Scott Bowman
Big Daddy 38mm 3.00in 20.0oz 38mm 12.00in Scott Bowman
Eat Me 29mmt 4.00in 60.0oz 29mm 30.00in Jim Fields
Eat Me 4.00in 60.0oz 38mm 24.00in Jim Fields
HyperLOC PF 1.63in 11.0oz 29mm 10.00in K Sonesen
Gnome 3.00in 6.00lb 54mm 24.00in John Cummings
Black Sunshine 1.60in 560g 29mm 14.00in Andrew Steele
Initiator 2.60in 17.2oz 29mm 8.00in Paul Kinzer
Modulus 24/56 Egg Lofter v4 kbw 2.22in 9.5oz 24mm 8.00in Kenneth B Weaver
Big Daddy 3.00in 19.0oz 29mm 14.00in Scott Bowman
Tyrannosaur 4.00in 104.0oz 54mm 18.00in Gregory Olson
LOC DOORKNOB 7.50in 15.80lb 54mm 17.00in Tim Jack
Scout 2.20in 13.0oz 29mm 20.00in Jerrold Haught
Still Testing B4 with avionics 2.50in 1.500kg 29mm 15.00in Christopher Texler
Estes PS II Partizon 38mm MMT 2.50in 21.0oz 38mm 12.00in Rob Hoffman
mini Vindicator Extended 1.50in 20.5oz 29mm 14.00in Bob Dexter
mini Vindicator 1.50in 14.5oz 29mm 14.00in Bob Dexter
Mini Drago Extend 1.50in 20.2oz 29mm 14.00in Bob Dexter
Mini Drago 1.50in 14.0oz 29mm 14.00in Bob Dexter
Kevin's Apogee Katana 4.00in 2,365g 38mm 14.00in Kevin Hedspeth
Red tailed Extreme 4.00in 16.22lb 75mm 44.00in Wayne Comfort
goblin 32mm 110g 18mm 8.00in John Taylor
V2 4.00in 7.53lb 54mm 14.00in THOMAS MCCARTHY
Blaster 1.90in 5.0oz 24mm 7.00in K Sonesen
RPG 29mm 9.2oz 24mm 6.00in David Tepatti
STB4 high altitude 2.56in 1.500kg 29mm 12.00in Christopher Texler
PML Ariel 3.00in 58.0oz 38mm 13.75in Eric Lynn
Narko 78mm 2,400g 54mm 1,500mm Ralf Berenbrinker
Losing My Marbles 6.00in 46.0oz 29mm 15.00in David Tepatti
Aspire 24 1.20in 137g 24mm 3.75in Wayne Comfort
Stiletto 4.00in 9.00lb 38mm 20.00in John McClure
Stiletto 4.00in 9.00lb 54mm 18.00in John McClure
MAC 3 FNC 4” 4.0cm 37.0oz 38mm 12.00in Philip Dougan
Falcon 4.00in 73.0oz 38mm 15.00in David Tepatti
Slow Flier Test Bed (H/I) 6.77in 6.00lb 54mm 12.00in Roger J. Hoffman
Slow Flier Test Bed (F/G) 3.39in 1.00lb 32mm 12.00in Roger J. Hoffman
Scrapper 1.35in 5.0oz 24mm 3.73in Wayne Comfort
LOC EZI-65 54mm 10.6cm 1,163g 54mm 17.00in Philip Dougan
Gobblin 67mm 371g 38mm 305mm Ralf Berenbrinker
Carbon2011 55mm 674g 38mm 375mm Ralf Berenbrinker
SR4 62mm 548g 29mm 500mm Ralf Berenbrinker
Astrobee D 62mm 1,890g 54mm 675mm Ralf Berenbrinker
Mac Performance Ethos 2.0 4.00in 54.6oz 38mm 13.00in Philip Dougan
LOC Vulcanite 2.26in 704g 29mm 24.00in Philip Dougan
Red Shift 18mm 2.0oz 18mm 8.00in Jerrold Haught
PML 1/4 Patriot 98mm 50.0oz 38mm 300mm James Cramton
12 63mm 2,280g 38mm 800mm Ralf Berenbrinker
LOC HyperLOC 160 1.63in 316g 29mm 12.00in Philip Dougan
Bulbus 2 29mm 3.2oz 24mm 6.00in David Tepatti
Bulbus 1 29mm 3.1oz 24mm 6.00in David Tepatti
ACME 29mm 9.2oz 24mm 7.00in David Tepatti
Polaris 1A 4.00in 46.0oz 38mm 20.00in David Tepatti
Triply Play 3.00in 21.5oz 24mm 6.00in David Tepatti
Estes V2 2.60in 341g 24mm 25.00in Andrew Steele
Saberhawk 35mm 227g 24mm 4.00in Nate Beeson
Quest High-Q 1.97in 20.0oz 24mm 9.00in Philip Dougan
Blur the Technicolor 2.60in 1,075g 24mm 30.00in Andrew Steele
Dr. Seuss 12.00in 25.00lb 54mm 17.00in Brian Owens
Super Jart 5.00in 11.40lb 75mm 21.00in Wayne Comfort
Red Red Kroovey 3.00in 2,442g 38mm 30.00in Andrew Steele
mercury redstone 4.00in 4.50lb 29mm 14.00in Scott Dukes
Red Max 42mm 163g 18mm 8.00in John Taylor
6 incher 170mm 100.00lb 161mm 957mm Joseph Avins
Red Max 42mm 155g 24mm 8.00in John Taylor
Black Sunshine 16.00in 570g 29mm 20.00in Andrew Steele
Red Red Kroovey 3.00in 2,565g 38mm 36.00in Andrew Steele
Big Bobber 54MM 3.00in 9.00lb 54mm 30.00in Jim Fields
Big Bobber 38MM 3.00in 9.00lb 38mm 30.00in Jim Fields
LOC Warlock 7.60in 130.5oz 54mm 28.00in Eric Lynn
Skunk Ace 4.00in 9.00lb 54mm 36.00in John Cummings
Groove Tube 1.64in 8.0oz 24mm 8.00in Paul Kinzer
PML Small Endevour Pandemic Edition 2.50in 35.0oz 38mm 8.00in robert grossfeld
Super Big Bertha 2.60in 11.5oz 29mm 8.00in Paul Kinzer
2.6 inch scratch 2.60in 700g 29mm 16.00in Jamie Kitchen
Scratch 4 inch Phenolic 4.00in 1,200g 38mm 18.00in Jamie Kitchen
Black Hole (BT-60) 1.60in 27.0oz 29mm 10.00in Adrien Drouault
Cherokee H (Full Length) 3.00in 29.0oz 29mm 500mm Adrien Drouault
Mach 1 Black Hole EXT 3.00in 7.00lb 54mm 24.00in Chase Kesner
nike tomahawk 4.00in 8.50lb 54mm 24.00in michael therriault
LOC Goblin 5 5.00in 65.0oz 54mm 16.00in Daniel Fritsch
John's NEW Astron Sprint Upscale to 2.56 2.56in 33.0oz 38mm 9.00in John Grove
Messier (CP 48.25") 2.60in 86.0oz 38mm 18.00in Robert Campbell
Estes Hyper Bat 25mm 51g 18mm 70mm Jean-Francois Casavant
X Wing 2.20in 15.0oz 29mm 7.00in David Tepatti
Special Delivery 2.33in 55.0oz 29mm 15.00in David Tepatti
Mach 1 ThunderHawk 2.60in 1,248g 38mm 720mm Philip Dougan
Nike Smoke 5.50in 23.00lb 75mm 29.29in THOMAS MCCARTHY
FSIPLS 5.40in 3,860g 38mm 20.0cm Paul Robert Kaup
Der Red Fiber Max 4.00in 80.0oz 54mm 15.00in Tim Burger
SPAD 1 (Mega Der Red Max Clone) 4.00in 1,600g 38mm 14.00in Philip Dougan
Exiter 19mm 39g 18mm 3.00in Nate Beeson
LOC Aura Purple/Gold rod launch 1.63in 240g 24mm 170.0cm Philip Dougan
Estes Astron Sprint XL 1.64in 4.0oz 24mm 7.00in K Sonesen
saturn V 1969 4.00in 358g 24mm 95mm William Dieckmann
Madcow Discovery 2.64in 20.7oz 29mm 15.00in John Hedke
The Cursed One 5.50in 96.0oz 38mm 13.00in Jerrold Haught
Sprint 54 3.00in 50.0oz 54mm 20.00in Tim Burger
Flaming Mahem's Revenge 4.00in 56.0oz 38mm 14.00in Tim Burger
AirSpike 1.60in 11.0oz 29mm 6.00in Tim Burger
Exacta54mm 4.00in 8.80lb 54mm 30.00in John Taylor
Quest Quad Runner - 2X 2.00in 230g 18mm 70mm Brian Schwer
Wildman Goblin 5 inch 5.00in 12.00lb 75mm 24.00in Paul Kinzer
Quest Quad Runner - 4X 2.00in 230g 18mm 70mm Brian Schwer
Estes Saturn V 100mm 372g 24mm 95mm Brian Schwer
Estes Little Joe II 87mm 238g 24mm 95mm Brian Schwer
Estes Bull Pup 34mm 66g 18mm 70mm Brian Schwer
Estes Solar Warrior 42mm 137g 24mm 70mm Brian Schwer
Estes V2 66mm 209g 24mm 95mm Brian Schwer
Estes STM-012 42mm 204g 24mm 95mm Brian Schwer
AT Mustang - 29mm 48mm 352g 29mm 100mm Brian Schwer
AT Mustang - 24mm Adapter 48mm 352g 24mm 100mm Brian Schwer
Leviathan 3.00in 21.0oz 29mm 18.00in John Brauner
High flier xxl 3.00in 40.0oz 29mm 18.00in John Brauner
L3 min 4.00in 25g 98mm 60.00in John Domurat
Fusion L3 5.50in 11.00lb 75mm 30.00in John Cummings
Blue tube 3.00in 1,720g 38mm 16.00in Matt Galloway
Bruiser 7.68in 9.00lb 54mm 40.00in Tim Sovine
LOC-IV 4.00in 40.0oz 38mm 20.00in Eric Bunkers
Square Me 3 (75) 27.08in 30.00lb 75mm 50.00in Roger J. Hoffman
Square Me (24) 3.39in 1.00lb 24mm 7.50in Roger J. Hoffman
Square Me (29) 3.38in 1.00lb 29mm 7.50in Roger J. Hoffman
Ultimate Buzz 5.50in 190.0oz 54mm 24.00in Jerrold Haught
Vulcanite 1.60in 36.0oz 38mm 20.00in Jerrold Haught
Stardust 3.00in 30.0oz 38mm 12.00in Jerrold Haught
Mega Magg 7.50in 180.0oz 54mm 24.00in Jerrold Haught
v2 2.50in 315g 24mm 8.00in John Taylor
Blue Iguana 2.64in 4.50lb 54mm 30.00in Eric Hamilton
MD 2 Stage 3.00in 9.00lb 75mm 36.00in Eric Hamilton
E-Pod 1.60in 5.0oz 24mm 5.00in K Sonesen
Big Baby Bertha 2.60in 7.9oz 24mm 4.00in K Sonesen
Polecat Aerospace Goblin 5.5 5.50in 95.0oz 54mm 15.00in K Sonesen
Madcow FG Lil Goblin (29mm) 2.60in 24.1oz 29mm 8.00in K Sonesen
Micro magg 4.00in 1.50lb 29mm 8.00in Chace luna
Aura 1.63in 10.0oz 29mm 5.00in Chace luna
LOC Doorknob 7.68in 13.00lb 38mm 24.00in Frank C Thompson IV
Graduator 2.63in 19.6oz 29mm 29.00in James Deckon
Hi Flier XXL 3.00in 32.0oz 29mm 24.00in Louie Berlin
der V3 max 4.00in 700g 24mm 3.75in William Dieckmann
Hi-Flier xl 1.60in 133g 24mm 14.00in Louie Berlin
Strato-Fan 63mm 2,002g 38mm 1,000mm Ralf Berenbrinker
LaserLoc 223 2.20in 28.0oz 54mm 30.00in Tim Sovine
Vaughn Brothers B.O.B 1.90in 16.4oz 29mm 16.00in Tim Sovine
Mozzie 2.60in 14.2oz 29mm 8.00in Tim Sovine
Graduator 2.56in 16.3oz 29mm 8.00in Tim Sovine
Estes Star Orbiter 1.64in 5.3oz 29mm 8.00in Tim Sovine
Aerotech Mustang 1.90in 11.5oz 29mm 6.00in Tim Sovine
MJH_Baby_Bertha 1.63in 85g 18mm 79mm Mike Haberer
My Magnificent Mega Magg Mad Minion Mars Mission Mothership 7.65in 9.830kg 54mm 20.00in Bradley L Smith
MJH_Estes_Big_Bertha_18mm 1.64in 87g 18mm 3.38in Mike Haberer
Skunk Ace 4.00in 9.09lb 54mm 30.00in John Cummings
SM RIM-67A 196mm 14,974g 75mm 765mm Luis Ignoto
Kryptonite 4.00in 64.0oz 38mm 30.00in Eric Bunkers
Minutrman III 3.00in 22.5oz 29mm 15.00in David Tepatti
Arreaux (24mm) 2.00in 18.5oz 24mm 11.00in Sean Hanlon
Skyburner 4.00in 13.00lb 54mm 30.00in John Sigmon
Fusion 54mm 4.00in 4.60lb 54mm 30.00in John Cummings
SM RIM-67A-L 196mm 14,050g 75mm 765mm Luis Ignoto
IGNOTUS 2020 103mm 2,430g 54mm 368mm Luis Ignoto
Hyper Loc 1600 5.50in 20.00lb 75mm 60.00in Jason Drish
Darkstar extreme (54mm) 4.00in 14.00lb 54mm 19.00in Brett Carrier
Super DX3 4.00in 4.00lb 38mm 18.00in Chace luna
Hi-Tech 4.00in 2.00lb 38mm 11.00in Chace luna
Viserion (18mm) 1.35in 5.0oz 18mm 6.00in Sean Hanlon
Viserion (24mm) 1.35in 5.0oz 24mm 6.00in Sean Hanlon
Kitana 2.50in 1.06lb 29mm 24.00in Louie Berlin
MJH_Cluster_Duck 2.60in 530g 24mm 17.00in Mike Haberer
Adventurer 2.2 2.26in 54.0oz 38mm 24.00in James Castillo
Hi-flier 4xl 3.90in 120.0oz 38mm 14.00in jeffery j barney
Generic Rocket 6.20in 27.00lb 98mm 42.00in John Coker
MJH_Pemberton_King_Kraken_SD 3.10in 1,792g 38mm 17.00in Mike Haberer
MJH_Estes_Big_Bertha_24mm 1.64in 80g 24mm 4.25in Mike Haberer
MJH_Estes_Boosted_Bertha_24 1.64in 138g 24mm 4.25in Mike Haberer
MJH_Estes_Super_Big_Bertha 2.60in 455g 29mm 11.00in Mike Haberer
MJH_LOC_Minie_Magg 5.54in 2,566g 38mm 10.00in Mike Haberer
BLACK FLY 54mm 660g 29mm 14.00in Kevin Katz
LOC Hi-Tech EXP 66mm 750g 38mm 400mm William Chundak
Initiator 2.60in 15.0oz 29mm 17.00in Eric Bunkers
Mad Dog 6 6.00in 33.00lb 75mm 60.00in Joe Schneider
Wildman Mach 3 FG 75mm 5.80lb 75mm 40.00in John Cummings
Gizmo XLT 8.00in 32.00lb 75mm 60.00in Joe Schneider
Leprechaun 2.30in 4.80lb 38mm 16.00in THOMAS MCCARTHY
Madcow Little John 4" Fiberglass 4.00in 70.5oz 54mm 17.01in Daniel Amaro
High Flyer XL 1.62in 8.9oz 24mm 6.00in Sean Hanlon
BT-55 Scat 1.35in 8.4oz 18mm 8.00in Robert Campbell
Micro Mamba 0.71in 2.1oz 18mm 3.25in Robert Campbell
Monster Mamba (CP 115") 4.00in 331.7oz 75mm 44.00in Robert Campbell
BT-60 Antimatter (CP 47.69") 1.63in 37.0oz 29mm 18.00in Robert Campbell
BT-60 Anti-Gravity 2.20in 18.0oz 29mm 8.00in Robert Campbell
BT-60 Razer 0.97in 3.2oz 18mm 3.25in Robert Campbell
Thunderbird (CP 27.78") 2.20in 32.0oz 29mm 18.00in Robert Campbell
Daedalus (CP 49.98") 2.20in 96.0oz 38mm 30.00in Robert Campbell
Parallax (CP 63.04) 4.00in 232.0oz 54mm 30.00in Robert Campbell
BT-60 Star Cruiser (CP 42.12") 1.63in 37.0oz 29mm 18.00in Robert Campbell
BT-50 Tycho II 0.97in 3.5oz 18mm 3.25in Robert Campbell
BT-60 Omicron (CP 31.56) 1.63in 24.0oz 29mm 12.00in Robert Campbell
Mule (Darkstar Lite,CP 32.93") 2.20in 38.0oz 29mm 18.00in Robert Campbell
Adventurer (CP49.21") 2.20in 68.5oz 38mm 10.00in Robert Campbell
Minnie Magg (38mm) 5.50in 58.0oz 38mm 13.00in Sean Hanlon
Minnie Magg (29mm) 5.50in 58.0oz 29mm 13.00in Sean Hanlon
Arreaux (29mm) 2.00in 18.5oz 29mm 11.00in Sean Hanlon
HV Arcas 2.60in 32.0oz 29mm 13.00in Sean Hanlon
Caliber ISP (38mm) 3.10in 75.0oz 38mm 17.00in Sean Hanlon
Caliber ISP (29mm) 3.10in 75.0oz 29mm 17.00in Sean Hanlon
EX-1127 (54mm) 4.00in 10.85lb 54mm 27.00in Sean Hanlon
EX-1127 (38mm) 4.00in 10.85lb 38mm 27.00in Sean Hanlon
Mach 2 54mm 28.0oz 54mm 30.00in Joseph Hepworth
Super DX3 4.00in 6.00lb 38mm 18.00in Parker Ferguson
G-FORCE 4.00in 3.00lb 38mm 12.00in John Coker
PML Bumble Bee 3.90in 45.0oz 38mm 12.00in Philip Dougan
LOC T-Loc 4.00in 970g 29mm 12.00in Philip Dougan
LOC Lil' Nuke 2.26in 431g 29mm 13.00in Philip Dougan
LOC Graduator 6.7cm 525g 29mm 14.00in Philip Dougan
lil Monster 38 4.00in 1,100g 38mm 15.00in John Taylor
Aura 41mm 277g 24mm 150mm Nick Hutton
Mega Der Red Max Clone 38mm 100mm 1,260g 38mm 300mm Nick Hutton
Fusion 54mm 100mm 2,030g 54mm 400mm Nick Hutton
Fusion 29mm 4.00in 2,030g 29mm 12.00in Nick Hutton
Wildchild 24mm 40mm 352g 24mm 250mm Nick Hutton
Fusion SBR 4.00in 67.2oz 54mm 16.00in Philip Dougan
Estes Red Nova 1.64in 6.0oz 24mm 10.0cm Philip Dougan
FTA-01 1.18in 120g 24mm 2.75in Nate Adkins
Estes Sky Twister 34mm 82g 18mm 70mm Brian Schwer
Angry Bird 75mm 650g 29mm 200mm Geoff Ingram
Hyperloc 160 1.64in 10.5oz 24mm 7.00in Tim gannon
Estes little joe II 3.40in 8.3oz 24mm 4.00in Tim gannon
Amazon 1.35in 95g 18mm 70.00in Michael Aymond
Mean Machine Shortened 1.65in 114g 24mm 70mm Michael Aymond
Fusion 4.00in 4.60lb 54mm 36.00in John Cummings
John's Astron Sprint 3 in Upscale 3.00in 42.0oz 38mm 11.00in John Grove
Ken's Aerotech Arcas 2.60in 27.0oz 29mm 8.00in John Grove
AMWPro-X Fiberglass Baby Red FiberMAX 2.60in 650g 29mm 8.00in Philip Dougan
The Other Red Rocket 6.5cm 600g 29mm 7.00in Philip Dougan
LOC LaserLoc 223 2.26in 30.0oz 54mm 650.0cm Philip Dougan
Estes Journey 25mm 51g 18mm 70mm Wes Donner
LOC Hawk 4 4.00in 5.50lb 54mm 15.00in Paul Kinzer
T-loc 4.00in 1.10lb 29mm 9.00in Jeffery Womack
Super bertha 4 2.60in 10.6oz 24mm 9.00in Tom Strum
Estes Solar Warrior 42mm 137g 24mm 70mm Brian Schwer
Estes Crossfire 25mm 40g 18mm 70mm Brian Schwer
Estes Little Joe II 87mm 238g 24mm 95mm Brian Schwer
Estes Saturn V 100mm 372g 24mm 95mm Brian Schwer
Estes Bullpup 34mm 66g 18mm 70mm Brian Schwer
Estes Mercury Redstone 53mm 117g 18mm 70mm Brian Schwer
Super bertha 2 2.60in 9.6oz 24mm 8.00in Tom Strum
Estes STM-012 42mm 185g 24mm 95mm Brian Schwer
Big bertha 1.60in 3.5oz 18mm 8.00in Tom Strum
Super big bertha 9719 2.60in 9.6oz 29mm 8.00in Tom Strum
Mean Machine 1.60in 5.5oz 24mm 90mm Eric Bunkers
LOC LaserLoc 313 3.10in 3.50lb 54mm 649mm Philip Dougan
USS Andromeda ll 26mm 12.3oz 24mm 7.0cm Damon McInnes
Mad Cow Twitch 3.00in 34.0oz 38mm 367mm Philip Dougan
DynaStar Stone Breaker 5.6cm 220g 24mm 12.5cm Philip Dougan
LOC 1.6 IRIS 1.60in 11.0oz 29mm 19.1cm Philip Dougan
Little Lumpy rev 5 7.68in 190.0oz 54mm 20.00in Tim Cubbedge
Antares IV 4.01in 121.3oz 54mm 27.00in Paul Glassen
CJs MACHing Bird 2.64in 80.5oz 38mm 100.00in KenRico
Jart 5.00in 7.50lb 38mm 27.00in KenRico
DarkStar3 3.00in 8.00lb 38mm 100.00in KenRico
Estes Saturn V 1/200 RTF 50mm 142g 18mm 70.00in Chun Mak
Wild Child 1.50in 17.4oz 29mm 15.00in Wayne Comfort
LOC Micro-Magg 4.00in 32.3oz 29mm 8.00in Eric Lynn
Aspire 2.9cm 29g 29mm 14.0cm Philip Dougan
Excel 3 - Single Deploy 3.13in 550g 38mm 10.00in Nate Beeson
Tommy 2.5 1.83in 12.0oz 24mm 12.00in Wayne Comfort
Big Bad Bertha 8.25in 38.00lb 75mm 37.00in Edward Wilk
LOC Hawk PF 1.64in 323g 29mm 8.00in Eric Lynn
Sparkles 2.60in 1.60lb 29mm 18.00in John Cummings
Astrobee D with fin can 2.60in 2.25lb 29mm 18.00in John Cummings
4 inch Big Bertha 4.00in 7.60lb 38mm 36.00in John Cummings
Estes Goblin 1.33in 68g 24mm 4.00in Eric Lynn
Estes Hi-Flier XL 1.64in 147g 24mm 8.00in Eric Lynn
MAJESTIC 2.00in 9.6oz 29mm 15.0cm David A Smith
CALLISTO 2.10in 25.0oz 29mm 250mm David A Smith
Mach 1 Rocketry Pulse 1.33in 220g 24mm 8.00in Eric Lynn
Cherokee - H 63 inch 3.00in 752g 29mm 64.00in Greg Montalvo
Go Devil 2 57mm 1.500kg 54mm 30.00in Christopher Texler
Hi-Flier XL 1.64in 6.4oz 24mm 3.75in Wayne Comfort
Sirius Rocketry Eraticator 3.00 3.00in 18.3oz 29mm 22.00in Gregory Spicer
Estes Pro Series 2 Sahara 2.60in 1.00lb 29mm 24.00in Louie Berlin
Zephyr rebuilt heavy 29mm 4.00in 55.8oz 29mm 11.00in Clint Goforth
Zephyr rebuilt heavy 38mm 4.00in 55.8oz 38mm 11.00in Clint Goforth
Lil Diter 3.10in 28.0oz 38mm 11.00in Frank DeAngelo
North Coast Rocketry Archer 2.6 inch 2.60in 1.08lb 29mm 24.00in Louie Berlin
MC 3 inch Sport-X-38mmMMT 3.00in 28.0oz 38mm 10.00in Kenneth B Weaver
I Rock 6mm 96.0oz 38mm 20.00in Bob Evancic
Go Devil 5.7cm 1.300kg 54mm 30.00in Christopher Texler
SARA PML 1/2 Scale Patriot 7.70in 233.0oz 54mm 24.00in Kenneth B Weaver
SARA Crayon 16.00in 2,170.0oz 98mm 34.00in Kenneth B Weaver
Go Devil 38 38mm 957g 38mm 16.00in Tony Fausto
54mm Black Fly 54mm 27.2oz 29mm 6.00in Chad F. Patten
San Miguel 2020 TARC CM-02292020 2.60in 18.9oz 29mm 6.00in Kenneth B Weaver
just a yellow rocket 38mmt 4.00in 14.00lb 38mm 30.00in Jim Fields
just a yellow rocket 54 mm 4.00in 14.00lb 54mm 30.00in Jim Fields
Basic Blues 3 3.12in 4.40lb 38mm 14.75in Nathan Mazelin
Yee ha 54mm 3.00in 8.00lb 54mm 30.00in Jim Fields
Ultimate Dark Star 6.17in 41.00lb 98mm 60.00in KenRico
Kick Asspire 29 29mm 10.8oz 29mm 13.00in Wayne Comfort
Lil Goblin 2.64in 33.3oz 29mm 10.00in Tim Cubbedge
Madcow AGM 33 Pike 5.5 5.50in 28.00lb 75mm 36.00in Glenn Iverson
Finnegen 4.1cm 260g 29mm 130.0cm Christopher Texler
LOC EZI-65 4.00in 37.0oz 54mm 50.0cm Lucas Mohler
Brother Jack 12302019 2.60in 11.5oz 29mm 5.00in Kenneth B Weaver
Red Flare 2.60in 6.5oz 24mm 4.00in Paul Kinzer
Majestic 2.00in 273g 29mm 10.00in Adam Henderlight
smartp1 2.22in 9.0oz 1.18in 7.09in Celeste Medrano
Show Stopper 1.64in 129g 24mm 3.50in Adam Henderlight
Top Shot 1.64in 155g 24mm 4.00in Adam Henderlight
Eliminator XL 1.36in 164g 24mm 3.75in Wayne Comfort
Blackhawk 54 54mm 3.80lb 54mm 27.00in Wayne Comfort
Super Big Bertha 2.60in 8.9oz 29mm 7.00in Chad F. Patten
Initiator 6.6cm 14.0oz 29mm 28.0cm Chad F. Patten
Zephry 10.2cm 38.7oz 38mm 27.9cm Chad F. Patten
Custom 2-2.6 Red (29 mm) 2.60in 391g 29mm 12.00in Adam Henderlight
41 Inch Custom Executioner (24mm) 2.60in 390g 24mm 8.00in Adam Henderlight
41 Inch Custom Executioner (29mm) 2.60in 377g 29mm 8.00in Adam Henderlight
Metalizer 1.35in 83g 18mm 70mm Adam Henderlight
Sky Scraper 4.00in 69.0oz 75mm 30.00in Kevin Katz
Go Devil 38 1.60in 26.0oz 38mm 24.00in Bradley L Smith
Blackstar Jr. 2.30in 4.42lb 38mm 32.00in Wayne Comfort
Zephyr Light 72mm 390g 29mm 200mm David Head
MAC Performance Scorpion w/38 3.00in 5.80lb 38mm 20.00in John Sigmon
Estes Trajector 24mm 51mm 308g 24mm 125mm Nick Hutton
Black Brandt 1.33in 7.4oz 24mm 8.00in KEVIN J BERENS
Talon 2 2.28in 35.0oz 29mm 18.00in Philip Dougan
Screech 54 DD 2.60in 72.0oz 54mm 32.00in Bradley L Smith
Rogue 4 54/38 4.00in 3,263g 38mm 27.00in Kevin Katz
Rogue 4 4.00in 3,263g 54mm 27.00in Kevin Katz
Starblazer X-20 x4 38mm Adapter 4.00in 2,523g 38mm 304mm Michael Erwin
Starblazer X-20 x4 54mm MMT 4.00in 2,523g 54mm 584mm Michael Erwin
Dead Weight 42mm 6.1oz 24mm 74mm Joseph Avins
Cherokee-G w/29mm MMT 3.10in 1,500g 29mm 304.0cm Michael Erwin
Cherokee-G w/38mm MMT 3.10in 1,500g 38mm 300mm Michael Erwin
Frenzy XL 4.00in 14.00lb 75mm 200.0cm John Kovac
Office Supplied with Adapter 49mm 151g 18mm 74mm Joseph Avins
Office Supplies 49mm 146g 24mm 95mm Joseph Avins
nekkid alien 1.50in 2.00lb 38mm 28.00in Tyler Flahery
The Joker (2.2 in Batray) 2.20in 13.8oz 29mm 10.00in Bradley L Smith
Madcow Super DX3 4.00in 5.00lb 38mm 36.00in Louie Berlin
Citation Patriot 4 inch 4.00in 5.07lb 38mm 36.00in Louie Berlin
Estes Pro Series 2 Partizon 2.60in 1.00lb 29mm 29.00in Louie Berlin
LOC Minnie Magg 5.50in 44.0oz 29mm 10.00in Rodney Earp
Madcow 4 V2 4.00in 30.0oz 38mm 12.00in Rodney Earp
Mega Der Red Max Clone 29mm 100mm 1,100g 29mm 275mm Nick Hutton
Estes Star Orbiter 29mm 42mm 253g 29mm 205mm Nick Hutton
Estes Satellite Silver(crayon) 1.64in 2.8oz 18mm 3.50in Kenneth B Weaver
MaxiAlphaIII 2.64in 16.0oz 24mm 13.00in Kenneth B Weaver
MadCow2.6inchNike-Apache 2.60in 64.0oz 38mm 8.00in Kenneth B Weaver
Curvilinear BT-80 Upscale 2.60in 244g 29mm 5.00in Phill Ash
X minus One-isher 3.00in 76.0oz 54mm 100.0cm KenRico
LOC Park Flyer Hyperloc 160 1.63in 10.0oz 29mm 6.00in Scott Sager
Madcow Superbatray XL 4.00in 5.50lb 38mm 38.00in Louie Berlin
Golf ball Lofter 1.25in 3.5oz 18mm 3.50in Doc Russell
SX5Rocket 1.63in 19.0oz 24mm 30.00in Aaron Sheriff
Skunk Ace 3.98in 8.00lb 54mm 30.00in Erik Czerwin
4-Inch Black Fly 3.98in 4.50lb 54mm 40.00in Erik Czerwin
Menace 442 3.98in 7.72lb 54mm 18.00in Erik Czerwin
PML Bull Puppy, 2.1 (Quantium Airframe) 2.10in 17.6oz 29mm 9.00in Mark W. Brush
PML Bull Puppy, 3.0 (Phenolic Airframe) 3.00in 34.0oz 29mm 9.00in Mark W. Brush
PML AMRAAM 2 2.30in 681g 29mm 12.00in James Cramton
G Force 4.00in 1,184g 29mm 16.00in Kevin Katz
Wildman Darkstar 4.00in 216.0oz 54mm 30.00in Kevin Thomson
Mini Frenzy 1.60in 782g 29mm 16.00in Kevin Katz
4-inch Jart 3.98in 5.45lb 54mm 30.00in Erik Czerwin
24mm sport 27mm 90g 24mm 110mm Jeff Black
Mega Der Red Max 4.00in 29.0oz 29mm 10.00in Steve Rea
Green Rocket 2.60in 17.1oz 24mm 5.00in Bruce Hay
Panavia 6.4cm 546g 29mm 365mm Brian Rennaker
AeroHigh 66mm 481g 39mm 220mm Ralf Berenbrinker
Nice Dreams 80mm 2,250g 54mm 650mm Ralf Berenbrinker
MACH 3 3.10in 174.0oz 75mm 100.00in KenRico
LOC EZI-65 38 mm 4.00in 35.0oz 38mm 12.00in Richard Holmes
LOC Minie-Magg 29mm 140mm 1,848g 29mm 12.00in Richard Holmes
LOC Expediter 38 mm 3.90in 49.5oz 38mm 12.00in Richard Holmes
LOC EZI-65 29 mm 4.00in 35.0oz 29mm 12.00in Richard Holmes
LOC EZI-65 4.00in 35.0oz 54mm 12.00in Richard Holmes
Estes Mega Rogue upscale 3.00in 2.00lb 29mm 36.00in Louie Berlin
Citation Patriot 3 inch 3.00in 2.10lb 29mm 38.00in Louie Berlin
Onyx 24 3.10in 18.8oz 24mm 6.00in Keith Pate
Yee ha 38mm 3.00in 8.00lb 38mm 30.00in Jim Fields
Mega Der Red Max 4.00in 2.07lb 29mm 30.00in Louie Berlin
Strong Arm 66mm 780g 29mm 325mm Brian Rennaker
LOC Nuke Pro Maxx 57mm 734g 38mm 365mm Brian Rennaker
Adventurer 2 57mm 1,750g 38mm 508mm Brian Rennaker
Ventris 64mm 477g 29mm 330mm Brian Rennaker
Hobgoblin 67mm 515g 29mm 335mm Brian Rennaker
Polecat Aerospace Goblin 5.5 (38mm) 5.50in 97.0oz 38mm 15.00in K Sonesen
Mega Der Rico Max 4.00in 51.0oz 38mm 20.00in KenRico
Exectioner 2.50in 380g 24mm 10.00in KenRico
AEROPACK Blue Bayou 2.61in 72.0oz 54mm 14.00in KenRico
Avalanche Streach 3.00in 2,964g 54mm 24.00in Chris Scharrer
Avalanche Streach 3.00in 2,964g 54mm 12.00in Chris Scharrer
Mini Black Brandt 1.6 1.60in 332g 29mm 8.00in Chris Scharrer
Madcow Patriot 2.6 2.60in 685g 29mm 8.00in Chris Scharrer
Madcow Patriot 2.6 2.60in 685g 38mm 8.00in Chris Scharrer
Mini Screech 1.6 1.60in 654g 29mm 8.00in Chris Scharrer
Star Orbiter 1.64in 7.2oz 29mm 7.00in Franz Reck
Smokin' Rockets Mega Nuk w/75 7.75in 45.00lb 75mm 36.00in John Sigmon
Nuffin 2.65in 86.0oz 54mm 30.00in Eric Hamilton
Duke Nukem 38 54mm 2.50lb 38mm 15.00in Wayne Comfort
Gizmo XL DD 8.00in 41.00lb 98mm 30.00in Wayne Comfort
Rapiditty 4.00in 13.00lb 54mm 26.00in Wayne Comfort
1969 Saturn V 4.00in 17.0oz 29mm 30.00in Phill Ash
Mongol 54 2.24in 56.0oz 54mm 26.00in Tim Cubbedge
LOC Goblin 38mm MMT 4.00in 48.0oz 38mm 14.00in Jonathan Ott
Desdemona 65 SRL w/54mm MMT 67mm 60.0oz 54mm 26.00in Bryan Duke
Dark Jart 2.10in 52.0oz 38mm 14.00in Wayne Comfort
Smokin' Rockets Mega Nuk w/98 7.75in 44.00lb 98mm 30.00in John Sigmon
Der Fiber Max 4.00in 68.4oz 38mm 20.00in Phill Ash
4 inch Drago 4.00in 11.64lb 54mm 39.00in Wayne Comfort
Madcow 4 inch V2 54mm 4.00in 5,894g 54mm 15.00in James Cramton
Aspire 29mm 5.0oz 29mm 9.00in Bradley L Smith
North Coast Archer 4 inch 4.00in 2.12lb 29mm 36.00in Louie Berlin
Argent DD 2.56in 29.2oz 29mm 16.00in Wayne Comfort
Great Big Daddy 3.00in 456g 29mm 12.00in Wayne Comfort
LOC Caliber DD 3.10in 44.6oz 38mm 24.00in Kevin Thomson
VIKAS MK1 400.0cm 5.000kg 5mm 5.12in GOKUL KANNAN S.R
BT V2 4.00in 3.10lb 29mm 20.00in KenRico
Funk Saucer 14.00in 12.0oz 38mm 10.00in KenRico
Garage Sale Rocket 4.00in 164.0oz 75mm 100.00in KenRico
Mongoose 75FG 75mm 6.00lb 75mm 175.0cm John Kovac
LOC V2 4.00in 41.5oz 38mm 12.00in Glenn Mayer
Public Missiles Callisto 2.10in 25.0oz 29mm 12.50in Glenn Mayer
Estes Majestic 2.00in 9.6oz 29mm 12.50in Glenn Mayer
Aerotech Initator 2.60in 14.0oz 29mm 15.0cm Glenn Mayer
vagabond 1.64in 6.5oz 24mm 3.75in Joseph
Window Sticker Mayhem 5.00in 36.00lb 75mm 60.00in James Cramton
Eliminator 3.00in 20.0oz 29mm 12.00in Jon Whisenand
Madcow Torrent 4.00in 4.00lb 29mm 36.00in Louie Berlin
Demon 75-Five 3.11in 2,325g 38mm 48.00in Erik Czerwin
Darkstar Jr 2.10in 1.870kg 38mm 18.00in paul shepherdson
Nike Smoke PSII 3.00in 475g 29mm 12.00in KenRico
BT 55 Missile 1.33in 87g 18mm 70mm Rocket Abyss
Hello Kitty (Piranha) 2.60in 25.6oz 29mm 10.00in Bradley L Smith
SA-14 Archer 4.00in 1,666g 38mm 21.5cm Paul Glassen
Mini Eagle Claw 1.52in 21.7oz 24mm 14.00in KenRico
Gizmo 5.00in 102.0oz 54mm 14.00in William Koropsak
Jart 598 5.13in 11.50lb 98mm 26.00in Adrian Butler
Blackhawk 38 38mm 37.0oz 38mm 26.00in William Koropsak
Wildman Jr 2.10in 56.0oz 38mm 25.00in David Hahn
Formula 75 Cherry RocketryWarehouse 3.00in 80.0oz 38mm 16.00in John Grove
Interceptor Sport 2.24in 33.3oz 38mm 24.00in Erik Czerwin
Drago 4XL 4.03in 5,414g 75mm 48.00in Erik Czerwin
Punisher 3 3.11in 85.2oz 54mm 36.00in Erik Czerwin
DarkoStar 3.14in 157.0oz 54mm 36.00in Erik Czerwin
Wildman Sport 2.24in 24.2oz 29mm 18.00in Erik Czerwin
Mac Arcas 58mm 1,060g 38mm 25.00in Erik Czerwin
Black Fly (Mac Performance) 2.21in 751g 29mm 18.00in Erik Czerwin
Demon 54 2.24in 32.8oz 29mm 18.00in Erik Czerwin
Demon 98 4.10in 127.0oz 54mm 48.00in Erik Czerwin
Reactor 2.22in 9.8oz 24mm 6.00in Erik Czerwin
Aura 1.62in 9.3oz 29mm 8.00in Erik Czerwin
Lucky Strike 2.24in 27.0oz 29mm 18.00in Erik Czerwin
Tomahawk 2.26in 22.8oz 29mm 18.00in Erik Czerwin
4inch Super Batray 4.00in 67.9oz 38mm 24.00in Erik Czerwin
Arreaux 1.90in 14.3oz 29mm 12.00in Erik Czerwin
2-inch Jart 2.24in 20.6oz 29mm 18.00in Erik Czerwin
Wild Thang Mini 1.58in 17.9oz 29mm 18.00in Erik Czerwin
3-inch Jart 3.10in 42.5oz 38mm 24.00in Erik Czerwin
Gizmo XL-DD-V 8.20in 40.00lb 98mm 48.00in Erik Czerwin
Shredder Jr. 2.24in 46.0oz 38mm 24.00in Erik Czerwin
Long Tom 5.50in 13.00lb 54mm 44.00in Allen
Big SAM 4.00in 4.50lb 38mm 26.00in Allen
Demon 98 4.03in 8.00lb 54mm 36.00in Adrian Butler
Phoenix Bird 34mm 108g 18mm 70mm Brian Rennaker
CC Express 34mm 127g 24mm 70mm Brian Rennaker
Gremlin 34mm 57g 24mm 70mm Brian Rennaker
LOC Goblin 102mm 1,429g 29mm 340mm Brian Rennaker
Star Orbiter 42mm 176g 29mm 203mm Brian Rennaker
Partizon 64mm 519g 29mm 350mm Brian Rennaker
Minie Magg 140mm 1,848g 38mm 400mm Brian Rennaker
Warlock 195mm 3,174g 38mm 510mm Brian Rennaker
Magician 1.33in 176g 24mm 3.75in Wayne Comfort
Black Brant VI 2.60in 32.7oz 29mm 30.00in KenRico
Taylor Swift (Madcow cricket) 4.00in 38.0oz 38mm 9.00in Bradley L Smith
Estes Hornet 4.9cm 62g 18mm 70.0cm Kerry H.
Estes Patriot 1.64in 78g 18mm 70mm Kerry H.
Warp Core Breach 4.00in 7.50lb 38mm 23.00in Wayne Comfort
PML Miranda 3.00in 52.0oz 29mm 18.00in paul shepherdson
MadCow-1.6MiniTomach-fg 1.64in 17.0oz 29mm 10.00in Kenneth B Weaver
Mega Der Red Max 4.00in 1,275g 38mm 16.00in Kevin Katz
Aerodactyl 2.60in 269g 29mm 18.00in Kevin Katz
Jart 3 3.00in 44.0oz 38mm 15.00in Adrian Butler
Swamp Rat 10.25in 57.00lb 98mm 40.00in Edward Wilk
Wayne's 3 inch BlackStar 3.14in 9.50lb 54mm 38.00in Wayne Comfort
Saab 4 Bunker Buster 4.01in 183.5oz 54mm 21.80in Edward Lizotte
Der Fiber Max 38 4.00in 3,050g 38mm 14.00in Kevin Katz
Estes Trajector 2.00in 10.7oz 24mm 4.50in John Sigmon
The Big Cletus 38 5.50in 85.0oz 38mm 16.00in Kevin Katz
The Big Cletus 54 5.50in 135.0oz 54mm 30.00in Kevin Katz
Aerotech Sumo 4.00in 1,090g 29mm 240mm todd k. Malan
Aerotech Mustang 1.90in 14.4oz 29mm 120mm todd k. Malan
Lil Rascal 4.00in 60.0oz 54mm 12.00in Bradley L Smith
Purple Haze 8.00in 30.00lb 75mm 36.00in Edward Wilk
Salem HS TARC 3.00in 1.20lb 29mm 8.00in Bob Schoner
Der Red Max 1.64in 90g 18mm 77mm Kevin Katz
All American 4.03in 157.5oz 54mm 18.00in Nathan Mazelin
Plumb Plum 3.10in 64.0oz 29mm 20.00in Kevin Katz
The V2.2 3.00in 395g 24mm 12.00in Kevin Katz
Rayzor 3.00in 5.00lb 54mm 30.00in Dave Juliano
North Coast Rocketry LaserHawk 2.60in 2.00lb 29mm 38.00in Louie Berlin
Polecat Aerospace 5.5in Nike Smoke 5.50in 7.70lb 38mm 34.00in Ian McMahon
Arreaux RMS 29/40-120 1.90in 14.1oz 29mm 12.00in Joseph
Mini Tomach 1.63in 11.5oz 29mm 8.00in Joseph
Mongoose 54 54mm 4.80lb 54mm 48.00in Wayne Comfort
Norad Pro Maxx 3.2 2.85in 1,183g 38mm 18.00in Kevin Katz
Mongoose 75 3.00in 8.70lb 75mm 50.00in Wayne Comfort
Nike Smoke 5.5 5.54in 8.00lb 54mm 23.00in Nathan Mazelin
Interceptor DD 54mm 56.5oz 38mm 20.00in Wayne Comfort
Vagabond 29 1.64in 8.4oz 29mm 17.00in Wayne Comfort
San Miguel Flier 1 6.4cm 404g 29mm 8.5cm Jonathan Leslie
Frenchie 2.26in 1,716g 38mm 30.00in Phill Ash
Loc 5.5 R2 (stretch V2) 5.54in 101.0oz 29mm 28.00in Scott Storey
Loc Magnum 54 5.54in 183.0oz 54mm 26.00in Scott Storey
Estes Nike Smoke 4.00in 19.0oz 29mm 8.00in Bradley L Smith
MadCow Screech 2.6in thinwall FG 2.60in 2,037g 38mm 40.0cm David Cain
38mm School Rocket 3.00in 1,100g 38mm 12.00in William Saindon
BBX - 54 4.00in 9.90lb 54mm 340.0cm Ed Hingsbergen
BBX - 38mm 4.00in 9.90lb 38mm 600.0cm Ed Hingsbergen
Mega Mosquito (Estes) 2.60in 0.190kg 24mm 4.00in paul shepherdson
Caffeine Monster 9.00in 45.8oz 29mm 8.00in lowpuller
Tomahawk 1.75in 10.6oz 24mm 5.00in lowpuller
Warthog 2.60in 20.1oz 24mm 12.00in lowpuller
J's Argent 2.00in 16.5oz 29mm 6.00in lowpuller
Strong Arm 2.60in 24.6oz 29mm 8.00in lowpuller
Mustang 2.00in 11.0oz 24mm 6.00in lowpuller
Black Dragon Super Alpha Glitter 1.88in 4.7oz 18mm 4.00in lowpuller
BSD Little John 4.00in 94.0oz 38mm 16.00in Kenneth B Weaver
Go Devil 38 38mm 38.3oz 38mm 25.00in John Jamieson
Jimbo Jart 4.00in 6.80lb 54mm 17.00in Wayne Comfort
BMS 3 inch plywood payloader stock cd 0.35 3.00in 330g 24mm 12.00in James Cramton
BMS 3 inch plywood payloader stock cd 0.55 3.00in 330g 24mm 12.00in James Cramton
Flip Flyer Estes 0.98in 4.0oz 18mm 3.00in lowpuller
Decaf with Glider 3.75in 8.4oz 24mm 6.00in lowpuller
Twitch DD custom DT 3.00in 100.0oz 29mm 80.0cm lowpuller
G Force Dual Deploy 4.00in 58.1oz 29mm 40.0cm lowpuller
Kestrel 2.10in 5.75lb 54mm 100.00in KenRico
RW Formula 75 2.99in 80.0oz 38mm 26.00in John Sigmon
Home Brew 2.50in 67.0oz 54mm 26.00in William Koropsak
Punisher 3.00in 77.5oz 54mm 26.00in William Koropsak
Mongoose 75fb 3.15in 10.20lb 75mm 40.00in Karl Tyrrell
LOC Weasel 1.64in 14.9oz 29mm 9.00in Kevin Thomson
BadAzz Defender Mk II 1.32in 7.5oz 24mm 4.50in Dave Cannell
Rage 1.42in 175g 24mm 4.00in Keith Pate
RingTailFloozie - scrarch 3.4cm 70.0oz 38mm 15.00in Dave Cannell
Estes Plasma Probe 34mm 2.0oz 18mm 2.75in Dave Cannell
Big Betty 1.58in 2.8oz 18mm 2.75in Dave Cannell
Higgs Farm Square Rocket 1.60in 3.5oz 24mm 4.00in Louie Berlin
MadCow Hawk 2.60in 21.0oz 29mm 8.50in Chris Wittig
Mega Der BIG Red Max 4.00in 3.00lb 29mm 36.00in Louie Berlin
Estes PS II Nike Smoke 3.00in 520g 29mm 200mm Doug Cullen
Partizon 2.50in 760g 29mm 200mm Doug Cullen
Estes V2 Plus 66mm 300g 24mm 200mm William Chundak
Estes V2 Super 66mm 300g 29mm 200mm William Chundak
Wilson 2.60in 16.9oz 29mm 5.00in Martin Harris
Estes Scion 3.00in 21.5oz 29mm 12.00in Richard Holmes
Scale Kits Bullpup 2.30in 14.0oz 29mm 12.00in Kevin Thomson
LOC Graduator 2.60in 18.8oz 29mm 8.00in Kevin Thomson
AMRAAM-4 3.90in 112.0oz 54mm 58.20in Rob Barkley
Estes Mammoth 5.1cm 276g 29mm 124mm Rob
Estes Mercury Redstone 52mm 108g 24mm 8.0cm Rob
Little John 3.00in 450g 24mm 70mm Nate Lowe
Estes Shadow 2.60in 11.0oz 24mm 3.00in Gregory Henderson
PML Miranda-38mm 3.00in 3.40lb 38mm 14.50in Michael Monteith
Aerotech Arreaux 1.90in 14.6oz 29mm 5.00in Wayne Comfort
Blue Ninja 1.64in 8.0oz 24mm 3.75in Wayne Comfort
MAC Performance 3FNC 4.02in 44.0oz 38mm 8.00in John Sigmon
Mad Maxx 8.00in 40.00lb 98mm 42.00in Adrian Butler
Level 2 - 54mm (GPS Module) 4.00in 4,317g 54mm 22.00in Mike Zapolski, Sr.
LOC Expediter 3.90in 49.5oz 29mm 12.00in Kevin Thomson
LOC V2 7.67in 17.00lb 54mm 30.00in Edward Wilk
Level Three 5.56in 20.00lb 54mm 36.00in Edward Wilk
AMRAAM AIM-120 2 (PML) 2.25in 0.710kg 29mm 14.00in paul shepherdson
NYE 2.60in 16.1oz 29mm 15.00in Wayne Comfort
Estes Saturn V 4.41in 17.0oz 29mm 124.0cm Scott Storey
NCR Big Brute 4.00in 975g 38mm 12.00in Adrian Butler
IROC 5.50in 5.13lb 38mm 26.00in Adrian Butler
Wild Child 1.50in 1.10lb 29mm 12.00in Adrian Butler
Big Red Baby 7.67in 18.90lb 75mm 26.00in Ian McMahon
Dark Star Jr 2.30in 4.65lb 38mm 32.00in Wayne Comfort
Estes Ventris 2.50in 15.6oz 29mm 10.00in Kevin Thomson
Wildman Darkstar Jr 2.10in 72.1oz 38mm 18.00in Kevin Thomson
NGF 98mm 3,076g 38mm 16.50in robert speraw
Madcow DX3 2.6 TWFG 2.60in 40.0oz 54mm 12.44in John M. Butler, II
I-Roc-KBW 5.54in 115.0oz 38mm 20.00in Kenneth B Weaver
R3 Rocket 4.00in 1,791g 38mm 13.25in Justin Bray
Estes Nike Smoke BT-60 (24mm Conversion) 42mm 3.4oz 24mm 95mm Ian McMahon
shape shifter Jr 2.10in 5.00lb 38mm 22.00in geoffrey delaney
Judgement Day 5.00in 399.0oz 75mm 48.00in Wm Riley
Tweety Bird (Binder Thug) 4.00in 1,500g 29mm 13.50in Phill Ash
Estes Mini Max 25mm 37g 13mm 45.00in Ian McMahon
MadCow Cowabunga 4-inch 4.00in 1,137g 38mm 20.3cm David Cain
pain killer max 4.50in 15.50lb 54mm 22.00in geoffrey delaney
QuickSilver 2.20in 54.4oz 38mm 14.00in Thomas Bouldin
AAMRAAM 4 w/ Dual Deploy 4.00in 141.0oz 38mm 14.50in Thomas Bouldin
Madcow Tembo 5.5 98mm 5.50in 24.00lb 98mm 150.0cm Dave Cook
Mega Black Max 4.00in 35.3oz 29mm 7.00in Kevin Cobb
Terminator 5 5.00in 400.0oz 75mm 36.00in Karl Tyrrell
Estes Mega Der Red Max 4.00in 1,039g 29mm 17.8cm David Cain
MadCow Honest John 2.6in glass - HEAVY 2.60in 1,098g 29mm 20.3cm David Cain
RW Go Devil 38 38mm 31.0oz 38mm 30.00in William Koropsak
UFO Invader Clone (18mm MMT) 1.33in 149g 18mm 3.00in Phill Ash
Estes Mega Der Red Max 4.00in 2.60lb 29mm 15.00in John Sigmon
Madcow Super DX3 4.00in 5.00lb 38mm 18.00in David Fliger
Ultimate darkstar QCC 6.00in 35.00lb 98mm 1,500mm Nick Adams
Frenzy 54mm 4.00in 100.0oz 54mm 20.00in Dave Juliano
Adventurer 3 54mm 3.00in 136.0oz 54mm 20.00in Dave Juliano
Estes Prowler PS II E2X 2.00in 9g 29mm 5.00in Rob Hoffman
Excel Jr. (Binder) 2.60in 0.88lb 29mm 10.00in paul shepherdson
Aspire (Binder) 2.60in 1.34lb 29mm 10.00in paul shepherdson
AMRAAM AIM-120 (Scalekits) 2.26in 1.34lb 29mm 10.00in paul shepherdson
Black Shadow (Upscale) 2.60in 0.88lb 29mm 10.00in paul shepherdson
Skipper (Madcow) 2.60in 1.21lb 29mm 10.00in paul shepherdson
GLR Talon 2 2.28in 36.1oz 29mm 18.00in Kevin Thomson
Estes Leviathan 3.00in 2.20lb 29mm 10.00in John Sigmon
Estes Pro Series II Partizon 3mm 655g 29mm 203mm Ken Baker
Wildman Ultimate Darkstar 6.17in 45.00lb 75mm 44.00in Glenn Iverson
GLR TALON 4 4.00in 10.00lb 54mm 29.00in Glenn Iverson
Patriot Scratch built 10.0cm 513g 24mm 7.0cm RedbullRJ
E2X Flip Flyer 0.98in 3.2oz 18mm 3.00in Phill Ash
Zephyrette 66mm 250g 29mm 180mm David Head
Mongoose 75 CF 3.00in 8.75lb 75mm 42.00in Glenn Iverson
Nike Smoke 3.00in 1.00lb 29mm 280mm David Head
Ventris 1.13in 1.6oz 29mm 8.00in William Eatherly
Wildman V2 Sport 2.60in 550g 24mm 90mm Tom Disch
MDRM 4.00in 36.0oz 29mm 24.00in John Sigmon
Torrent 4.00in 80.0oz 38mm 14.00in Kevin Cobb
Level-2 4.00in 146.0oz 54mm 14.00in Kevin Cobb
AGM 33 Pike 4.00in 68.0oz 38mm 51.0cm Brent
sky wolf 38mm 9.0oz 29mm 12.00in scott pennington
Dean 1.65in 1.50lb 29mm 15.00in Wayne Comfort
Sea Wolf 4.00in 2,606g 38mm 18.00in Mike Zapolski, Sr.
Grand Day Out 4.10in 11.8oz 24mm 2.75in Chris Greco
Argent 2.50in 400g 29mm 8.00in Bill McCullough
Silver Streak 54mm 4.60lb 54mm 27.00in Wayne Comfort
Mini Tomach 1.60in 26.0oz 29mm 12.00in Dan Fritsch
Cheetah 1.90in 10.3oz 29mm 12.00in Nick Federico
Go Packers 3.00in 2.00lb 29mm 20.00in Edward Wilk
Darkstar Extreme 4.06in 223.0oz 75mm 30.00in Karl Tyrrell
No Name yet 7.50in 38.50lb 75mm 34.00in Michael A Paniccia
RIM-66 4.00in 59.2oz 38mm 16.00in Bart Youngblood
Special 38 38mm 634g 29mm 20.00in Kevin Katz
Stinger 6.00in 17.59lb 75mm 33.00in Wayne Comfort
Leviathan 3.00in 22.6oz 29mm 11.00in Wayne Comfort
Wild Thang 54mm 74.4oz 38mm 32.00in Wayne Comfort
Lil Rascal 4.00in 3.80lb 54mm 14.00in Wayne Comfort
Arachnid (Resurrected) 1.60in 135g 24mm 3.50in Mike Zapolski, Sr.
Twitch 3.00in 35.0oz 38mm 16.00in John Kovac
Binder Design Excel DD 4.00in 60.0oz 38mm 16.00in Richard Holmes
Binder Design Excel 4.00in 41.0oz 38mm 16.00in Richard Holmes
Goose 54mm 68.0oz 29mm 12.00in David Brown
Formula 75+ 3.00in 2,926g 38mm 15.00in Mike Zapolski, Sr.
Darkstar 2.6 2.60in 70.1oz 54mm 24.00in Karl Tyrrell
T-bolt 41mm 42.0oz 38mm 20.00in Eugene Lauria
Estes V2 2.60in 260g 24mm 100mm Eric Normandeau
WELCOME HOME 10.2cm 6,377g 54mm 56.0cm SAIVET
3 inch Frenzy XL 3.00in 3.700kg 54mm 18.00in Erik Conway
Cyclotron 3.00in 1.200kg 38mm 18.00in Erik Conway
Phoenix - Madcow 4in 4.00in 70.8oz 38mm 22.00in Karl Tyrrell
SuperPrion 5.5 5.50in 22.00lb 76mm 36.00in David Abmayr
Honest John 2.6 3.50in 1,019g 29mm 9.00in Mike Zapolski, Sr.
Centaurus 2.50in 17.0oz 29mm 8.50in Richard Stafford
Quicksilver 29 2.60in 39.0oz 29mm 40.00in Aaron Sheriff
LOC Doorknob 7.67in 142.0oz 54mm 24.00in Sam Barone
Painkiller Micro 1.61in 437g 24mm 12.00in Mike Zapolski, Sr.
Eagle Claw 4 4.00in 257.5oz 54mm 30.00in Tim Cubbedge
Wildman 3.00in 93.3oz 54mm 18.00in Tim Cubbedge
Dark Star Extreme 4.00in 18.00lb 75mm 24.00in Tom Devlin
Grappler 2.60in 363g 24mm 15.00in Mike Zapolski, Sr.
Wildman 4in Extreme Dark Star 4.00in 237.0oz 75mm 26.00in Stephen Mats Mats
PML 1/4 Patriot 4.00in 75.5oz 38mm 9.25in Richard Vanleer
PML Tomahawk 3.00in 88.0oz 38mm 18.00in Tim Cubbedge
Baby Bertha 1.64in 62g 18mm 3.00in Kevin Katz
Fireball 3.00in 16.0oz 29mm 12.00in Erik Conway
Mini-Tomach 1.60in 17.0oz 29mm 12.00in Erik Conway
Minnesota Mosquito- w/2 Cameras 2.60in 275g 24mm 96mm Bugwubber
WildMan V2 2.64in 1,000g 29mm 7.75in Phill Ash
Sub-Lime 4.50in 15.20lb 54mm 30.00in Kevin Katz
Der Redskins Max 4.00in 1,582g 29mm 37.0cm Phill Ash
Estes V2 66mm 187g 24mm 3.75in Danny Prince
Fatter-By 2.60in 225g 24mm 4.00in Bill McCullough
G-Force 10.2cm 32.0oz 29mm 14.00in Danny Prince
Orange Crush 42mm 147g 24mm 70mm Danny Prince
EPM-010 0.98in 3.4oz 18mm 4.00in Chris M
Baby Bertha 1.64in 2.3oz 18mm 4.00in Chris M
Alpha 0.98in 0.9oz 18mm 4.00in Chris M
Cosmic Explorer 1.33in 2.8oz 18mm 4.00in Chris M
Nomad 4.00in 34.0oz 29mm 10.00in Jim Lane
Vagabond 42mm 124g 24mm 3.75in Danny Prince
Eagle Claw Sport 2.13in 34.8oz 29mm 18.00in Tim Cubbedge
Adventurer 3 3.00in 10.00lb 38mm 20.00in Dave Juliano
Adventurer 3 3.00in 10.00lb 54mm 20.00in Dave Juliano
Sounder I 25mm 26g 24mm 9.5cm Daniel J. Petrie
Swamp Monster 12.12in 84.00lb 98mm 46.00in Edward Wilk
Freefall 29mm 4.00in 38.3oz 29mm 12.00in Jim Lane
5FDP 38mm 5.54in 128.0oz 38mm 20.00in Jim Lane
5FDP 5.54in 128.0oz 54mm 20.00in Jim Lane
Squat (38mm) 4.00in 48.5oz 38mm 12.00in K Sonesen
King Kraken (1.0 Cd) 3.00in 34.5oz 38mm 14.00in Robert Belknap
Tethys XL 3.90in 101.3oz 54mm 15.00in Randy Collins
frenzy 4in 4.00in 4.50lb 54mm 21.00in Laszlo Szijarto
Typhoon 66mm 273g 24mm 200mm David Head
BAR Crayon Rocket (38mm) 3.90in 49.4oz 38mm 14.00in K Sonesen
SardOnyx XXL 3.10in 40.3oz 38mm 12.00in K Sonesen
SardOnyx XXL (29mm adapter) 3.10in 41.8oz 29mm 12.00in K Sonesen
BAR Crayon Rocket (29mm) 3.90in 38.6oz 29mm 14.00in K Sonesen
Rocketman Hybrid Dart 2.70in 62.2oz 38mm 24.00in Daniel Cascaddan
Mozzie 2.60in 300g 29mm 9.00in Stephen Peterangelo
Super Alpha 24 mm 1.62in 150g 24mm 6.00in Stephen Peterangelo
Hi Flier XL 1.62in 200g 29mm 6.00in Stephen Peterangelo
Cricket 4.00in 30.0oz 29mm 12.00in Stephen Peterangelo
Phoenix 5.5 5.50in 13.00lb 54mm 18.00in David Abmayr
Squat 29 mm Motor 4.00in 800g 29mm 12.00in Stephen Peterangelo
Hawk 7.67 7.67in 30.00lb 76mm 35.00in David Abmayr
The Onyx 3.00in 488g 29mm 15.00in Kevin Katz
Phoenix 2.60in 10.1oz 24mm 9.5cm Erik Czerwin
Lil' Nuke 2.26in 13.4oz 29mm 6.00in Erik Czerwin
Estes Humdinger 14mm 20g 13mm 2.50in Warren Taylor
Estes Firehawk 19mm 19g 13mm 2.50in Warren Taylor
Estes Orbital Interceptor upscale 2.60in 17.5oz 29mm 11.00in Lawrence W Bercini
SEVRA Rocket MkII 8.38in 56.72lb 98mm 49.00in Phill Ash
Hawk 2.6 MIM-23B 2.60in 27.0oz 29mm 12.00in David Abmayr
REDWING I 1.00in 1.00lb 1mm 12.00in Cody Shane Erbacher
gforce 4.00in 46.0oz 29mm 18.00in E. Hansen
LOC Door Knob 7.67in 9.00lb 54mm 26.00in Chris Attebery
Mega Mosquito 66mm 147g 24mm 5.00in Richard Holmes
AMRAAM-3 3.00in 51.0oz 38mm 58.20in Rob Barkley
short LOC 2.26in 550g 24mm 6.00in chris ginella
Mega Der Red Max 4.00in 36.0oz 29mm 10.00in Rodney Earp
ESRA 4.00in 15.00lb 75mm 60.00in Kevin Dunn
Formula 75 3.00in 3.50lb 38mm 30.00in Kevin Katz
Sirius Rocketry Eradicator 3.00in 18.3oz 29mm 22.00in David J. Miller
Stealth, Jr. no av bay 2.60in 25.0oz 29mm 15.00in Ron Ellis
Excel, Jr. 2.60in 13.0oz 29mm 8.00in Ron Ellis
david salas 3.25in 6.00lb 38mm 12.00in Kevin Dunn
Big Dog 1.97in 7.1oz 24mm 6.00in Rodney Earp
LOC Aura 1.64in 8.5oz 29mm 6.00in Chris Coffin
DGA Mini Sonik-Blast 3.13in 27.5oz 29mm 8.50in Chris Coffin
Alien Invader x4 4.00in 132.0oz 54mm 32.00in Phill Ash
Twice as Mean Machine 3.25in 125.0oz 38mm 21.00in Phill Ash
Estes Nike Smoke 3.00in 19.0oz 24mm 300mm Jef Fineran
Nike Smoke 2.6 2.60in 26.0oz 38mm 8.00in David Abmayr
Madcow AGM 33 Pike 4.00in 2,242g 38mm 51.0cm Bill Graham
Phoenix 4.0 II 4.00in 64.0oz 38mm 18.00in David Abmayr
Wildman Darkstar 4.0 DD 4.00in 4,860g 54mm 20.00in Leo Vandal
egg tumbler 3.80in 115g 24mm 7.5cm David Hall
finless 3.00in 725g 29mm 20.0cm David Hall
umbrella 3.00in 671g 29mm 20.0cm David Hall
Black Brant VI 4.00in 14.40lb 76mm 48.00in Scott Szympruch
Brown Minie Magg 5.50in 40.0oz 29mm 12.00in Kevin Dunn
Buzzed LightYear 7.8cm 550g 24mm 30.0cm Tom Markel
red metal 18 0.98in 2.4oz 18mm 4.00in Keith Pate
Super Batray 4.00in 38.0oz 38mm 18.00in Dave Red
Super Batray 4.00in 38.0oz 38mm 12.00in Dave Red
Argent 2.56in 16.5oz 29mm 5.00in Cody Smith
Sprint XL 1.60in 4.0oz 24mm 5.00in Jeffrey Gortatowsky
Forumla 75 38 3.00in 79.0oz 38mm 40.00in Jeffrey Gortatowsky
Stick Up 29mm 2.20in 32.0oz 29mm 30.00in Jeffrey Gortatowsky
UFO Invader 4x 5.25in 27.32lb 54mm 36.00in Phill Ash
Arctic Wolf 38mm 2.20lb 29mm 20.00in Sean Kehoe
Wildman Gizmo w/New Nosecone 5.13in 75.2oz 54mm 22.00in Brian Robinson
Alley Oop 3.00in 85.0oz 38mm 24.00in William Koropsak
maga Hi flyer 4.00in 7.75lb 38mm 24.00in chris mannon
Leviathan Dual Deploy 3.00in 30.5oz 29mm 6.00in Tim Jones
Minion bata 8.00in 3.00lb 38mm 18.00in chris mannon
Vertical Assault 38 3.10in 2,788g 54mm 22.00in Terrance Buyze
Hercules 7.67in 42.00lb 75mm 36.00in Terrance Buyze
wild child 1.50in 1.20lb 29mm 18.00in chris mannon
Io PML 2.10in 2.09lb 38mm 24.00in Tim Ryerse
Great Scott 5.54in 202.3oz 75mm 36.00in Terrance Buyze
Alpha 3 001 0.98in 1.4oz 18mm 70mm T M Brehmer
Baby Bertha 002 1.64in 1.7oz 18mm 70mm T M Brehmer
Big Daddy 003 3.00in 9.3oz 24mm 7.0cm T M Brehmer
Frenzy 4.00in 109.4oz 54mm 36.00in chuck fauser
Alpha III XXL 4.00in 55.0oz 38mm 10.00in Jim Lane
Mosquito XXL 4.00in 40.0oz 38mm 10.00in Jim Lane
Soyuz 3.00in 5.00lb 38mm 8.00in Mitch Boese
Binder Extreme 3.90in 94.0oz 54mm 31.00in Tim Ryerse
Expediter 3.90in 42.0oz 29mm 24.00in Terrance Buyze
Running With Scissors 54mm 4.00in 40.0oz 54mm 8.00in Jim Lane
Running With Scissors 38mm 4.00in 41.0oz 38mm 9.00in Jim Lane
Chopped 38mm 4.00in 40.0oz 38mm 8.00in Jim Lane
Aspire 2.9cm 2.5oz 29mm 73.7cm Terrance Buyze
Short Shark 54 5.50in 8.00lb 54mm 18.00in Dean Mumme
strato shark 54 5.50in 12.00lb 54mm 18.00in Dean Mumme
DX3 XL 4.00in 16.00lb 75mm 36.00in Dean Mumme
Vertical Assault 3.10in 5.77lb 75mm 36.00in Terrance Buyze
LOW ALTITUDE MACH 3.90in 56.0oz 54mm 24.00in Terrance Buyze
Aries 4.00in 7.50lb 54mm 22.00in Terrance Buyze
North Star 5.50in 196.3oz 54mm 48.00in Terrance Buyze
Nova Star 5.54in 152.0oz 75mm 48.00in Terrance Buyze
J-bird 4.00in 5.85lb 38mm 20.00in Dean Mumme
Broken Arrow 4 4.00in 6.00lb 54mm 22.00in Terrance Buyze
PML Miranda 3.00in 3.40lb 29mm 9.42in Michael Monteith
Arreaux 1.90in 20.7oz 29mm 8.00in Terrance Buyze
Aspire 2.9cm 3.0oz 29mm 73.7cm Terrance Buyze
Explorer X-13 1.00in 38g 18mm 3.50in Terrance Buyze
LOC IROC 5.50in 7.70lb 38mm 16.00in THOMAS MCCARTHY
mirage 2.60in 35.0oz 29mm 8.00in Keith Pate
BB II 20mm Motor Mount 1.00in 5.0oz 20mm 4.00in John Grove
strato shark 38 5.50in 13.00lb 38mm 19.00in Dean Mumme
strato shark 29 5.50in 13.00lb 29mm 22.00in Dean Mumme
Purple Haze 2 Stage 8.00in 40.00lb 75mm 40.00in Edward Wilk
Chopped 4.00in 40.0oz 54mm 8.00in Jim Lane
Big Daddy 38mm 3.00in 20.0oz 38mm 10.00in Jim Lane
Sardo XXXL 4.0 (38mm adapter) 4.00in 82.6oz 38mm 14.00in K Sonesen
Sardo XXXL 4.0 4.00in 80.0oz 54mm 14.00in K Sonesen
Quest Grunt 2mm 4.2oz 18mm 70mm Jon Snyder
Estes Big Daddy 3.00in 5.7oz 24mm 6.00in Jim Lane
Leviathan 3.00in 25.0oz 29mm 10.00in Jim Lane
Squat (29mm) 4.00in 48.0oz 29mm 12.00in K Sonesen
Squat 4.00in 45.0oz 54mm 12.00in K Sonesen
BAR Crayon 4.00in 24.0oz 29mm 16.00in Robert Belknap
Darkstar Mini 38mm 16.2oz 29mm 8.00in Robert Belknap
Vagabond XL 29mm 3.00in 35.0oz 29mm 25.00in Jim Lane
X-Plane SST 54mm 4.00in 107.0oz 54mm 18.00in Jim Lane
Formula 75 3.00in 6.50lb 38mm 20.00in Donald Wheelis
Milestone 2.6 2.63in 63.9oz 38mm 23.00in Jim Lane
Maroon Machine 29 1.62in 17.3oz 29mm 10.00in Keith Pate
Onyx 3.10in 18.1oz 29mm 8.00in Keith Pate
RWB 24 1.62in 17.1oz 24mm 8.00in Keith Pate
RWB 1.62in 16.4oz 29mm 10.00in Keith Pate
Stripes 1.62in 7.1oz 24mm 4.00in Keith Pate
Pip Squeak 0.51in 0.5oz 13mm 3.00in Keith Pate
Aura 29 1.62in 9.3oz 29mm 10.00in Keith Pate
BlackHawk 29 1.27in 11.0oz 29mm 41.00in Paul Whalen
Cherokee G 2.60in 20.0oz 29mm 6.00in Robert Aldrich
Cherokee F 2.22in 14.0oz 29mm 6.00in Robert Aldrich
Goblin 1.33in 2.0oz 18mm 2.75in Robert Aldrich
Super Goblin 1.64in 3.5oz 24mm 2.75in Robert Aldrich
Maxi Goblin 2.22in 6.5oz 24mm 3.75in Robert Aldrich
Mega Goblin 2.60in 9.0oz 29mm 6.00in Robert Aldrich
Cherokee 1/2A 0.74in 1.0oz 13mm 1.75in Robert Aldrich
Cherokee A 0.83in 1.2oz 18mm 2.75in Robert Aldrich
Cherokee B 0.98in 1.5oz 18mm 2.75in Robert Aldrich
Cherokee C 1.04in 2.0oz 18mm 2.75in Robert Aldrich
Cherokee D 1.33in 2.5oz 24mm 2.75in Robert Aldrich
Cherokee E 1.64in 3.5oz 24mm 3.75in Robert Aldrich
Liberty 4 3.90in 5.20lb 54mm 13.00in John O'Connor
X-Plane SST 38mm 4.00in 83.0oz 38mm 17.00in Jim Lane
Stealth nuke sled 2.56in 38.3oz 29mm 11.00in Brad bridson
Bluto 7.68in 192.0oz 54mm 26.00in Jim Lane
King Kraken (.86 Cd) 3.00in 34.5oz 38mm 14.00in Robert Belknap
Bottle Bat 3.0 - Big Pink II 3.10in 25.5oz 38mm 10.00in K Sonesen
Bottle Bat 3.0 - Big Pink II (29mm adapter) 3.10in 27.3oz 29mm 10.00in K Sonesen
Alpha III XXL 29mm 4.00in 56.0oz 29mm 10.00in Jim Lane
Dagger 38 3.00in 98.0oz 38mm 15.00in Jeffrey Gortatowsky
Chameleon 4.02in 49.9oz 38mm 7.95in Michael Boecher
TRF Croc 2.20in 22.0oz 29mm 8.00in Jim Lane
Shadow XXL 5.5 .25 38mm 5.54in 165.0oz 38mm 34.00in Jim Lane
Silver bullet 66mm 15.7oz 29mm 11.00in Brad bridson
mad scientist 1 8.00in 27.50lb 54mm 18.00in chopperz
Hyperloc 835 54mm 4.00in 81.0oz 54mm 24.00in Jim Lane
Astrobee-D 29mm v2 3.10in 52.0oz 29mm 28.00in Jim Lane
MISS WICKED 7.50in 50.00lb 75mm 1,000mm Michael Gunter
Alpha Extreme 7.5 7.68in 202.0oz 54mm 17.00in Jim Lane
MBM Super DX3 4.00in 12.00lb 54mm 10.00in Matthew B Mundy
Shadow XXL 5.5 .375 38mm 5.54in 174.0oz 38mm 34.00in Jim Lane
Shadow XXL 5.5 54mm 5.54in 132.0oz 54mm 32.00in Jim Lane
super dx3 4.00in 4.40lb 38mm 12.00in Glenn Iverson
GLR Talon 3 3.00in 5.60lb 38mm 24.00in Glenn Iverson
formula 150 6.00in 35.00lb 75mm 36.00in John Olevich
Alpha Upscale 54mm 3.00lb 29mm 240.00in John Olevich
Formula 75 3.00in 5.50lb 38mm 720.00in John Olevich
flying pumpkin 5.50in 8.00lb 38mm 720mm John Olevich
Optima XXL 5.5 38mm 5.54in 130.0oz 38mm 17.00in Jim Lane
Optima XXL 5.5 54mm 5.54in 137.0oz 54mm 34.00in Jim Lane
Doorknob Stretch 7.70in 217.0oz 38mm 32.00in Jim Lane
Alpha III XXXL 5.5 5.54in 96.0oz 38mm 14.00in Jim Lane
Whiplash 2.56in 16.0oz 29mm 18.00in Matt
Boitata Mission 75mm 3,500g 51mm 46mm Calvin Souto
Formula 98 4.00in 11.00lb 54mm 326mm Ernie Jones
Hyperloc 835 54mm 4.00in 80.0oz 54mm 16.00in Jim Lane
Trojan-1 54mm 1,550g 38mm 18.00in ehsan sheybani
WildmanJr with payload 54mm 1,720g 38mm 15.00in Kevin Dunn
Sheybani 54mm 1,550g 38mm 20.00in Kevin Dunn
Alpha III BT-60 Goony 1.64in 4.0oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
X-Ray XL 29mm 3.00in 43.5oz 29mm 9.50in Jim Lane
X-Ray XL 38mm 3.00in 42.5oz 38mm 8.50in Jim Lane
Super DX3 4.00in 4.42lb 38mm 27.00in Matt Chandler
Hanna_Nicole 1.64in 6.1oz 24mm 7.00in Jim Lane
QCC Explorer 1.64in 7.6oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Darkstar 4 DD 54mm 6ft rod 4.00in 13.00lb 54mm 30.00in Kevin Dunn
Red Mustang 4.7cm 314g 29mm 180mm Matt Chandler
Alpha III Goony BT-80 2.60in 11.0oz 29mm 6.00in Jim Lane
Darkstar Mini 38mm 486g 29mm 8.00in Kevin Dunn
BB II 8 oz BT 60 42mm 8.0oz 29mm 145mm John Grove
BB II 5oz BT 55 33mm 5.0oz 24mm 145mm John Grove
Alpha III BT-60 1.64in 6.0oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
John Egg Lofter 1 2.25in 17.0oz 29mm 4.50in John Miller
Alpha Extreme 5.42in 77.0oz 38mm 12.00in Jim Lane
Optima XL 4in 4.00in 55.0oz 38mm 20.00in Jim Lane
Vindicator DD 4.00in 225.0oz 54mm 24.00in Bill rupp
Vagabond 1.64in 6.6oz 24mm 12.00in Jim Lane
V2 5in 5.54in 80.0oz 38mm 18.50in Jim Lane
Tea-Bird 4.0 4.00in 33.0oz 38mm 10.50in K Sonesen
el Lobo de la Muerte 2.25in 448g 29mm 9.50in John Miller
Estes Levianthan 3.00in 380g 29mm 8.00in John Miller
Blackhawk 29 32mm 11.0oz 29mm 15.00in Bill rupp
Madcow Rocketry Momba 2.60in 15.9oz 29mm 8.00in Leon Smith
Astrobee-D 38mm v2 3.00in 41.0oz 38mm 28.00in Jim Lane
Cosmic String Theory 2.25in 4.00lb 38mm 34.00in Christian Andrews
Binder Excel Plus 4.00in 7.16lb 38mm 24.00in Robin Appleton
Vagabond Payload 42mm 149g 24mm 3.81in John Miller
Patriot Rocket Kit 4 inch 4.00in 44.0oz 29mm 360mm Kurt Friesth
Astrobee D 38mm 3.00in 32.0oz 38mm 28.00in Jim Lane
Astrobee D 29mm 3.00in 33.0oz 29mm 28.00in Jim Lane
estes mongoose 19mm 65g 18mm 7.0cm chris watters
Unguided Mayhem 29mm 4.00in 57.0oz 29mm 13.00in Jim Lane
Super-Duper Neon 29 1.64in 20.5oz 29mm 13.00in K Sonesen
Not So Mean Machine 1.64in 13.2oz 24mm 6.00in K Sonesen
Soothsayer 38mm 3.00in 31.0oz 38mm 15.00in Jim Lane
Soothsayer 29mm 3.00in 32.0oz 29mm 15.00in Jim Lane
DarkStar 4inch DD 4.00in 11.30lb 54mm 30.00in Doug Lucy
Darkstar 4 DD 54mm 8ft rod 4.00in 15.00lb 54mm 30.00in Kevin Dunn
Darkstar 4 DD 38mm 8 ft rod 4.00in 15.00lb 38mm 36.00in Kevin Dunn
Darkstar 4 DD 38mm 6ft rod 4.00in 15.00lb 38mm 36.00in Kevin Dunn
wildman Dual deploy 38mmt 3.13in 160.0oz 38mm 17.00in Bill rupp
Big Bad Burt 3.00in 28.0oz 29mm 16.00in Jim Lane
Centurion XL 3.00in 22.0oz 29mm 14.00in Jim Lane
Plasma Fart 38mm 4.00in 37.0oz 38mm 6.00in Jim Lane
Plasma Fart 29mm 4.00in 38.0oz 29mm 7.00in Jim Lane
Brenda 3.00in 13.8oz 24mm 8.00in David Brown
EAC Viper XL 3.00in 29.0oz 29mm 14.00in Jim Lane
Ion Disruptor 4.00in 45.0oz 38mm 16.00in Jim Lane
Ion Disruptor 29mm 4.00in 46.0oz 29mm 16.00in Jim Lane
120aim 4.00in 78.0oz 54mm 22.00in mike armstrong
120aimA1 4.00in 78.0oz 38mm 22.00in mike armstrong
Mean Machine 1.64in 9.0oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Who's Your Daddy? 29mm 4.00in 27.0oz 29mm 7.50in Jim Lane
Osiris 3.9XL 4.00in 96.0oz 38mm 18.00in Jeffrey Gortatowsky
Hijacker 3.00in 18.0oz 29mm 8.00in Jim Lane
Shadowhawk 29mm 3.00in 32.0oz 29mm 12.00in Jim Lane
Nike Smoke 4.00in 1.60lb 24mm 9.00in Matt
Stage Fright Single Stage 2.60in 10.0oz 24mm 10.00in Jim Lane
Tea-Bird 4.0 (29mm Motor Adapter) 4.00in 35.0oz 29mm 10.50in K Sonesen
Executioner Extreme 5.38 - 38mm 5.54in 6,100g 38mm 26.50in Dan Miller
Executioner Extreme 5.38 5.54in 6,100g 54mm 26.50in Dan Miller
Razor 1.6x 1.62in 5.3oz 24mm 3.75in K Sonesen
USS Pensacola 3.00in 24.0oz 29mm 17.00in Jim Lane
Minie Magg 29mm 5.54in 63.0oz 29mm 10.00in Jim Lane
AeroTech Wart-Hog MP 2.75in 21.0oz 29mm 14.00in Michael J Zaborowski
The Bolt 0.99in 2.1oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Fat Omega 1.64in 2.6oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Fat Alpha 1.64in 2.4oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
The Red Hot Chilli Pepper 2.25in 45.0oz 29mm 16.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Troop 85 7.70in 30.00lb 98mm 55.00in Bayard Storey
Fat Alpha/Omega 18mm 1.64in 2.5oz 18mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Blood Sucker 2.60in 6.7oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Blood Sucker 18mm 2.60in 6.0oz 18mm 2.75in Jim Lane
Minie Magg 5.54in 62.0oz 38mm 12.00in Jim Lane
black brant 11 2.63in 28.3oz 29mm 51.00in Glenn Iverson
Estes Executioner 2.60in 6.9oz 24mm 12.00in Tim Ryerse
Luna Express PML 4.02in 101.4oz 38mm 20.00in Tim Ryerse
Sm Endeavor Streatch 2.60in 54.8oz 38mm 20.00in Tim Ryerse
GLR M38 1.63in 19.7oz 38mm 36.00in Tim Ryerse
Fat Boy 2.60in 6.0oz 24mm 6.00in Keith J. Hamel
Stormcaster 1.64in 4.0oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Estes Super Neon XL 1.60in 7.6oz 24mm 3.75in K Sonesen
Big Bertha 1.60in 2.9oz 18mm 4.00in Jeffrey Gortatowsky
Estes Astron Sprint MP 1.66in 6.0oz 24mm 5.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Fat Pat 2.60in 10.5oz 24mm 12.00in Jim Lane
Tank Girl 29mm short 4.00in 63.0oz 29mm 17.00in Jim Lane
Corvette HP (NCR/Estes Eliminator) 3.13in 25.5oz 29mm 14.00in Michael J Zaborowski
AAM-N-2 SPERRY SPARROW 6.00in 18.00lb 98mm 38.00in Lydia collins
Modified Miranda with HAMR 3.10in 3.20lb 38mm 14.00in Rus Hardy
Cinquieme 4.00in 12.50lb 75mm 46.00in Randy Steck
patriot 1.64in 2.0oz 18mm 3.00in mike armstrong
Astra G MP (NCR Phantom 4000) 4.00in 28.8oz 29mm 12.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Big Red 3.00in 22.0oz 29mm 12.00in Jim Lane
WildChild 1.50in 19.0oz 29mm 6.00in Bill rupp
Aerotech IQSY Thomahawk MP 1.90in 15.0oz 29mm 12.00in Michael J Zaborowski
D Region Tomahawk MP Estes Kit 1.82in 10.2oz 24mm 4.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Dragonfly LP (Scratch Built) 1.50in 4.5oz 18mm 3.00in Michael J Zaborowski
LOC-IV Stretch 29mm 4.00in 47.0oz 29mm 16.00in Jim Lane
Aerotech Mustang MP 1.90in 12.3oz 29mm 6.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Tank Girl 29mm 4.00in 67.0oz 29mm 20.00in Jim Lane
Darkstar DD 2.60in 60.0oz 38mm 14.00in John Metcalf
Tank Girl 38mm 4.00in 66.0oz 38mm 20.00in Jim Lane
Estes 1976 Renegade 1.64in 130g 24mm 7.0cm Rich DeAngelis
Estes Vector Force 1.33in 90g 18mm 7.0cm Rich DeAngelis
stiletto 1.64in 5.8oz 24mm 90mm Glenn Iverson
raptor xp 1.64in 5.0oz 24mm 90mm Glenn Iverson
LOC-IV 29mm 4.00in 37.0oz 29mm 12.00in Jim Lane
Blue Phenix 3.00in 44.6oz 38mm 12.00in Wayne Alspach
LOC Onyx 3.10in 13.0oz 29mm 10.00in Kevin Dunn
small endeavour 2.60in 2.02lb 38mm 10.00in tom schwartz
wild jr 4.00in 5.10lb 54mm 13.60in tom schwartz
MadCow Pac-3 4.00in 60.0oz 38mm 78.50in Stephen J. Harper
Hyperlock 835 Single Deploy 38mm 4.00in 79.0oz 38mm 20.00in Jim Lane
Hyperloc 835 Dual Deploy 38mm 4.00in 81.0oz 38mm 20.00in Jim Lane
minijohn 0.98in 1.2oz 13mm 3.00in mike armstrong
Stairway To Heaven 2.60in 30.0oz 29mm 30.00in Jim Lane
Wildman Jr 2.25in 70.0oz 38mm 12.00in William Bakos
Auracle 54 - Steppin' Razor 2.20in 25.0oz 29mm 12.00in K Sonesen
Alpha LP 0.99in 1.1oz 18mm 3.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Estes Hercules (Sustainer Only) LP 1.00in 4.5oz 18mm 3.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Triumvirate 2.22in 14.8oz 24mm 30.00in Jim Lane
otto1 7.50in 120.00lb 98mm 45.00in otto burgess
Vagabond 1.64in 5.1oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Bottle Bat 2.6 - Big Pink 2.60in 17.3oz 29mm 8.00in K Sonesen
Estes Super Alpha (24mm) 1.64in 4.5oz 24mm 3.75in K Sonesen
38mmTeleMetrum 42mm 570g 38mm 500mm Ralf Berenbrinker
Interceptor E MP 2.03in 14.3oz 24mm 4.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Quaddaddy MP (Estes Big Daddy 24mm X 4) 3.00in 14.3oz 29mm 10.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Black Brant II 2.66in 1,256g 38mm 360mm Jeff Provost
Hijacker 24mm 3.00in 16.0oz 24mm 6.00in Jim Lane
Step It Up 3.00in 27.0oz 29mm 17.00in Jim Lane
Epic failure 2.50in 310g 24mm 72mm Matt Monteville
Estes Unknown 1.60in 9.0oz 24mm 70mm John Metcalf
Vector Force 1.33in 2.4oz 18mm 2.75in Jim Lane
aim120 1.64in 4.3oz 24mm 4.00in mike armstrong
Little John 4.00in 4.50lb 54mm 20.00in Braden Carlson
Darkstar 54mm 3.40lb 38mm 10.00in Braden Carlson
Dragonfly MP (Scratch Built) 1.66in 6.3oz 24mm 4.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Lipstick and Leather MP 1.66in 3.8oz 24mm 4.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Estes Patriot MP 1.66in 5.8oz 24mm 4.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Pleiadian Destroyer MP 1.66in 3.9oz 24mm 4.00in Michael J Zaborowski
The Redneck 2.60in 15.0oz 24mm 4.00in Jim Lane
LOC Forte 3.00in 30.1oz 38mm 22.25in John Metcalf
AT Arreaux 1.90in 13.3oz 29mm 12.00in John Metcalf
LOC Lil Nuke 2.26in 13.0oz 29mm 20.00in John Metcalf
Mad Cow Super DX3 4.00in 59.4oz 38mm 19.00in John Metcalf
Sirius Rocketry Interrogator G 2.60in 22.0oz 29mm 18.00in David J. Miller
Slipstream 29mm 3.00in 31.0oz 29mm 32.00in Jim Lane
Black Hawk 29 1.26in 10.3oz 29mm 200mm Kevin Murray
Mini Honest John LP (Estes Kit) 1.25in 1.0oz 13mm 1.75in Michael J Zaborowski
Estes Magician 1.33in 6.0oz 24mm 10.00in Jim Fields
Estes Monarch 34mm 59g 18mm 70mm Charles (Casey) Barker
Estes Photon Probe 1.33in 3.2oz 18mm 3.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Gyroc 2010 LP (Scratch) 0.74in 17g 18mm 3.00in Michael J Zaborowski
Estes Alpha III 25mm 34g 18mm 70mm Charles (Casey) Barker
Stretched Magnum 5.54in 12.00lb 54mm 28.00in Mitch Smith
THUNDER ONYX 24MM 3.10in 16.0oz 24mm 16.00in Jim Fields
THUNDER ONYX 3.10in 16.0oz 29mm 16.00in Jim Fields
RENEGADE D ESTES 1.64in 8.0oz 24mm 4.00in Jim Fields
INTERCEPTOR E ESTES 2.00in 20.0oz 24mm 4.00in Jim Fields
Lee's rocket 2.75in 5.00lb 54mm 24.00in Ernest Strother
Bio Hazard 3.00in 2.25lb 54mm 24.00in Darrell Dewoody
Miss Fortune Stretch 2.60in 15.3oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Miss Fortune 2.60in 12.0oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Pipe Dream 2.60in 24.0oz 29mm 15.00in Jim Lane
LOC-IV Stretch 4.00in 46.0oz 38mm 18.00in Jim Lane
LOC IV 4.00in 37.0oz 38mm 18.00in Jim Lane
School Rocket 0.98in 1.1oz 18mm 2.75in Jim Lane
Double Pumper Jr. 2.60in 8.9oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Magician 1.33in 5.0oz 24mm 3.75in Jim Lane
Executioner 2.60in 9.1oz 24mm 4.00in Jim Lane
Super Alpha 1.64in 2.2oz 18mm 6.00in Jim Lane
PML - Cirrus Dart 1.60in 18.0oz 38mm 720mm Paul Lambert
Vulcanite 2.26in 30.0oz 29mm 20.00in Chris Smith
Hyperloc 835 29mm 4.00in 54.0oz 29mm 12.00in Jim Lane
isis1 3.00in 41.0oz 38mm 14.00in mike armstrong
Slipstream 24mm 3.00in 22.0oz 24mm 24.00in Jim Lane
Binder Design Excel Plus 4.00in 805g 38mm 11.00in chuck fauser
Binder Design Thug 4.00in 806g 38mm 8.00in chuck fauser
Sidewinder Estes 1.33in 4.3oz 18mm 6.00in Marlin Meyer
Phoenix 2.60in 11.4oz 24mm 3.25in Marlin Meyer
Gabriel1 upscale 1.64in 4.0oz 24mm 3.00in Marlin Meyer
AMRAAM AIM-120 1.33in 4.4oz 18mm 3.00in Marlin Meyer
Phoenix downscale BT-60 1.04in 1.4oz 18mm 2.50in Marlin Meyer
Nike-X 2.60in 480g 24mm 90mm Jack Matthews
Stubby 2.60in 8.8oz 24mm 3.75in Marlin Meyer
AGM-78 Standard 2.60in 11.4oz 24mm 3.25in Marlin Meyer
x15 hyper 1.38in 1.7oz 18mm 3.00in mike armstrong
Hornet 34mm 65g 18mm 70mm Philip L Pinto
Blue Streak 19mm 15g 18mm 70mm Philip L Pinto
Cosmic explorer 34mm 78g 18mm 70mm Philip L Pinto
Quest Payloader 25mm 37g 18mm 70mm Philip L Pinto
Nova Payloader 19mm 12g 18mm 70mm Philip L Pinto
PML INTRUDER 3.00in 54.0oz 38mm 12.00in gary moore
patriot 3.90in 50.0oz 29mm 30.00in Wayne Schenk
warlock 7.67in 100.0oz 38mm 18.83in Jackson
Big Dog 1.97in 16.0oz 29mm 6.00in Charles DeVoid
Aura 1.52in 8.0oz 29mm 6.00in Scott Huff
Talon 4 4.00in 6.85lb 38mm 18.83in Jackson
polecat 10 fatman 10.00in 15.50lb 38mm 18.83in Jackson
polecat 10 fatman 10.00in 15.50lb 38mm 18.83in Jackson
polecat 7.5 patriot 7.67in 19.00lb 38mm 18.83in Jackson
polecat 7.5 patriot 7.67in 19.00lb 38mm 18.83in Jackson
ZBUG 2.65in 2.00lb 29mm 17.00in Scott Huff
Integrator 4.00in 25.0oz 29mm 6.00in Jim Lane
ASP V-2 1.64in 3.7oz 24mm 4.00in Jim Lane
tom 1.80in 9.2oz 24mm 4.00in mike armstrong
Estes Maxi Air Show (Bash) 2.00in 4.0oz 24mm 90mm Michael Kampe
Estes Air Show 2.20in 4.5oz 18mm 3.00in Michael Kampe
Purple Haze 1.52in 565g 29mm 20.00in donald huff
warthog 2.60in 25.0oz 29mm 11.00in mike armstrong
Fluffy Bunny 3.00in 120.0oz 54mm 40.00in Sather M. Ranum
pml eclipse 3.90in 3,382g 54mm 23.00in juan gonzalez
Tethys 3.90in 70.9oz 38mm 13.00in Chuck Poindexter
Ariel 38mm 3.00in 49.0oz 38mm 30.00in Ross Ohmen
Miranda 38 3.90in 53.0oz 38mm 14.00in Mitch Smith
Enterprise 98 10.1cm 20.50lb 98mm 44.00in Ross Ohmen
Honest John 38mm 5.50in 108.0oz 38mm 25.00in Ross Ohmen
Mongoose 98 Carbon Fiber 4.19in 14.75lb 98mm 49.00in Ken Bell
Intimidator 4 4.00in 20.92lb 76mm 31.50in Mickey Breece
Eagle 75mm 8.00in 32.00lb 76mm 31.00in Craig Rutherford
navaho 0.95in 1.5oz 18mm 3.00in mike armstrong
foobar 38 98mm 1,400g 38mm 50.0cm Bryan Schmidt
foobar 6 63mm 1,000g 29mm 40.0cm Bryan Schmidt
Mongoose 54 54mm 5.10lb 54mm 36.00in Andrew Grippo
Renee Rocket 4.00in 17.00lb 76mm 41.00in Andrew Grippo
Stealth Jr. w_av_bay 2.60in 0.979kg 29mm 11.00in Ron Ellis
Type 30 2.60in 8.0oz 29mm 11.00in mike armstrong
Polecat Nike Smoke 4-inch 38mm 4.50in 2,170g 38mm 240mm Rick Baldridge
Polecat Nike Smoke 4-inch 54 motors 4.50in 2,170g 54mm 852mm Rick Baldridge
LOC Precision PK58 Canadian Arrow 4.00in 1,060g 29mm 240mm Rick Baldridge
F Force 1.90in 14.0oz 29mm 6.00in Bushwacker
G Force 3.00in 22.0oz 29mm 6.00in Bushwacker
Escape Velocity 2.68in 61.5oz 38mm 15.00in Brian Abild
Modified PML Eclipse 4.00in 9.00lb 75mm 35.00in Ken Bell
Prochron S1_0811B 100mm 68.000kg 98mm 1,500mm Terry Wilson
Patriot 7.50in 440.0oz 75mm 34.00in Sather M. Ranum
Mercury Atlas 5.13in 78.0oz 29mm 240mm Jerry Little
Aero-Dart 4.7cm 216g 29mm 31.5cm Ron Ellis
Mathilde 5.50in 220.0oz 75mm 34.00in Sather M. Ranum
Eagle 54mm 8.00in 28.00lb 54mm 30.00in Craig Rutherford
elypse 3.00in 6.50lb 38mm 18.00in mike stella
1/38 Saturn V 10.00in 66.00lb 98mm 11,000mm Chris Prinzi
Small Endeavour 2.50in 2.50lb 38mm 17.00in Jeremiah Johnson
Amraam 4.00in 155.0oz 54mm 1,280mm Chris Prinzi
Pretty in Pink 3.00in 6.00lb 54mm 1,280mm Chris Prinzi
Dynastar Sky Torpedo 2.60in 6.4oz 24mm 7.0cm Mark Rzchowski
LOC - Minie-Magg (payload bay) 5.38in 64.0oz 38mm 15.00in Paul Lambert
LOC - Minie-Magg (Extended) 5.38in 70.0oz 38mm 19.00in Paul Lambert
MonGoose54 5.8cm 3.40lb 54mm 1,000mm Jim Urrata
BSD Horizon 54 4.00in 82.0oz 38mm 17.00in Scott McNeese
Modified PoleCat V2 7.50in 14.00lb 54mm 30.00in Chris Stone
Honest John 5.50in 106.0oz 54mm 50.0cm Ross Ohmen
Ariel 3.00in 47.5oz 54mm 32.0cm Ross Ohmen
Wahoo 4.1cm 3.30lb 38mm 55.0cm Ross Ohmen
Glowworm 2.5cm 3.6oz 24mm 18.0cm Ross Ohmen
H-Bomb 3.0cm 12.0oz 29mm 41.0cm Ross Ohmen
F-Bomb 3.0cm 4.2oz 29mm 20.0cm Ross Ohmen
strongarm 2.60in 19.5oz 29mm 6.00in gary moore
Gimmie two 4.02in 7.50lb 54mm 37.00in Tim Ryerse
One Butt-Ugly Phoenix 4.00in 6.00lb 54mm 48.00in Tim Scott
Pato's Revenge 2.00in 3.60lb 38mm 24.00in Tim Scott
THE V2 10.00in 44.00lb 98mm 32.00in Kev Danjou
Black Brant II 3.3cm 75g 24mm 8.0cm John Coker
RCDP Flash 4.00in 13.50lb 75mm 36.00in Thomas Kernes
RCDP Thunderball II 2.50in 4.00lb 54mm 38.00in Thomas Kernes
RCDP Red Scare 6.00in 27.00lb 98mm 40.00in Thomas Kernes