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The motor guide allows you to quickly find motors that will work for a rocket; see the help page for more info.

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Others' Rockets

Here are the 10 most recently created public rockets entered by other people you can try out.

Name Body Diam Weight MMT Diam MMT Len Owner
Binder Excel 4" DD 4.00 in 5.13 lb 54 mm 24.00 in Adrien Drouault
Cherokee H (Full Length) 3.00 in 35.0 oz 29 mm 750 mm Adrien Drouault
competitor 3 3.00 in 12.00 lb 75 mm 42.00 in michael therriault
Camas Subscale Motor 4.02 in 7.00 lb 54 mm 12.00 in John Eric
Der Big Red Max Vanderburn Fins 3.00 in 552 g 29 mm 8.00 in David S. Kemp
AT Mustang (29mm) 48 mm 352 g 29 mm 200 mm Brian Schwer
AT Mustang (24mm) 48 mm 352 g 24 mm 200 mm Brian Schwer
2.6 inch MPR Scratch Build 2.60 in 15.3 oz 29 mm 124 mm Dane Ronnow
Estes Photon Probe 33 mm 110 g 18 mm 90 mm David S. Kemp
Estes Mercury Redstone 53 mm 117 g 18 mm 70 mm Brian Schwer

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