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The motor guide allows you to quickly find motors that will work for a rocket; see the help page for more info.

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Others' Rockets

Here are the 10 most recently created public rockets entered by other people you can try out.

Name Body Diam Weight MMT Diam MMT Len Owner
Glorious Purpose 3.00 in 975 g 38 mm 16.00 in Rob Heil
Maxi Force 2.65 in 2.50 lb 24 mm 660 mm Dick Frazier
Traveling Rocket 1.63 in 7.2 oz 24 mm 5.00 in David Tepatti
Mongoose 54 54 mm 9.00 lb 54 mm 48.00 in Wayne Comfort
MAC Performance 3FNC 54mm 4.00 in 1,650 g 54 mm 28.00 in Philip Dougan
Squat 4 inch 4.00 in 1,306 g 54 mm 20.00 in James Cramton
Mach 1 Chimera 43mm 43 mm 620 g 29 mm 12.00 in James Cramton
Nike Smoke Interceptor 5.50 in 31.60 lb 75 mm 29.29 in THOMAS MCCARTHY
Madcow 3" Sport X (Bob Brown -5) 3.00 in 31.0 oz 38 mm 14.00 in Kenneth B Weaver
Big Nuke 5.5" 5.50 in 10.00 lb 54 mm 50.00 in William Hanlon

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