AeroTech E30T





24 mm

70 mm

47 g

18 g

32.4 N

43.0 N

49.3 N

33.6 Ns

1.0 s

Blue Thunder


August 1, 2010




Compared with all 26 E motors:

Total Impulse

Average Thrust

Maximum Thrust

Burn Time

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AeroTech E30T

Simulator Files

Format Source Updated Contributor
RASP cert March 29, 2022 John Coker
RockSim user June 26, 2008 John Coker
RASP cert March 31, 2007 Christopher Kobel

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Motor Notes

Inaccurate Thrust Curve February 28, 2020

It seems that this thrust curve listed here is no longer accurate. The one listed as an Estes E30 on this site appears to be this motor. I have confirmed this with the NAR data sheet, the thrust curve on the motor packaging, and through actual flight tests.

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