AeroTech O5500X-PS







98 mm

1,507 mm

16,783 g

9,779 g

5,514.6 N

6,046.9 N

7,551.5 N

21,384.0 Ns

4.0 s

Propellant X


January 10, 2023

21,384 O5515



Compared with all 13 O motors:

Total Impulse

Average Thrust

Maximum Thrust

Burn Time

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AeroTech O5500X-PS

Simulator Files

Format Source Updated Contributor
RASP cert January 14, 2023 John Coker
RockSim user October 23, 2020 Mike Haberer
RASP cert December 12, 2019 John Coker

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Motor Notes

Reworked O5280X John Coker January 11, 2023

This used to be the O5280X.

The motor now uses a one-piece casing/liner combination, has a different assembly process and new assembly instructions. The total impulse has decreased slightly from 22,463 to 21,384 N.s, the average thrust has increased from 5219 to 5515 N and the burn time has been shortened from 4.305 to 4.026 seconds. The propellant weight has stayed the same, but the loaded weight has increased from 15.74 kg to 16.78 kg, so the case/liner combination has been “beefed up” a little.

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