Motors Without Data

Motor simulator data files can be provided by the manufacturer, by the certification organization or creted by rocketeers like you. You can help complete the data available; if you have better simulator data for any motor, please upload it. See also motors missing statistics.

9 motors have no simulator data files.

Designation Manufacturer Type Diam Impulse
F26 Estes single-use 29mm 62.2Ns
G80 Estes single-use 29mm 136.6Ns
1337K590-P AMW reload 54mm 1336.5Ns
K695BT Gorilla reload 54mm 1463.0Ns
K828BT Gorilla reload 54mm 1786.1Ns
K350TR-P RATT hybrid 64mm 1861.0Ns
K600TR-P RATT hybrid 64mm 2170.0Ns
M1565BL Gorilla reload 98mm 7533.0Ns
O4925WC Gorilla reload 152mm 33005.1Ns