AeroTech D10W





18 mm

70 mm

26 g

10 g

13.4 N

20.5 N

25.1 N

18.8 Ns

1.4 s

White Lightning






Compared with all 20 D motors:

Total Impulse

Average Thrust

Maximum Thrust

Burn Time

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AeroTech D10W

Simulator Files

Format Source Updated Contributor
RockSim user October 23, 2020 Mike Haberer
RASP cert August 26, 2009 Mark Koelsch

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Motor Notes

Availability January 28, 2020

I am not sure exactly as of what month, but I know that since around November 2019, the D21 and D10 have been OOP, and stocks were dwindling. So unless you have a supply of them or know someone you can get them from, it?s unlikely you can get them anymore.

There are some supplies of D21-4, D10-5, and D10-3 left. Check out Buyrocketmotors, Apogee Components, and Rocketryworks. Rocketryworks will have the highest overall stock and a competitive price.

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