Contrail J333-HP




38 mm

1,227 mm

1,064 g

110 g

305.0 N

660.6 N

1,227.0 N

733.0 Ns

2.4 s

38 48 M PVC (830CC)


September 24, 2005

J305 (14%)



Compared with all 174 J motors:

Total Impulse

Average Thrust

Maximum Thrust

Burn Time

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Contrail J333-HP

Simulator Files

Format Source Updated Contributor
RockSim user June 26, 2008 John Coker
RASP user January 9, 2007 John Coker

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Motor Notes

Odd thrust data samples Robert Kieffer June 18, 2022

The first two samples are both at T=0. I would expect the 2nd one to (with f="717.233") to be at some time T > 0.

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