Estes E30





24 mm

70 mm

47 g

18 g

33.0 N

41.5 N

49.3 N

33.6 Ns

1.0 s

black powder


August 1, 2010



Compared with all 24 E motors:

Total Impulse

Average Thrust

Maximum Thrust

Burn Time

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Estes E30

Simulator Files

Format Source Updated Contributor
RockSim user October 23, 2020 Mike Haberer
RASP cert August 18, 2012 David Moore

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Motor Notes

Error in Summary Sheet Joseph Avins April 24, 2019

The Estes E30 is listed as a black powder motor, but is actually a composite.

Error in Summary Sheet Joseph Avins April 3, 2019

The summary sheet shows this as a black powder motor. It is a composite.

AeroTech motor John Coker August 18, 2012

This appears to be the AeroTech E30

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