February 5, 2012

Accuracy of this data file:

  This File Certified ±
Diameter 6 mm 6 mm =
Length 26 mm 26 mm =
Prop. Weight 1 g
Total Weight 1 g 1 g =
Avg. Thrust 0.3 N 0.3 N −1%
Max. Thrust 1.6 N 2.1 N −22%
Total Impulse 0.2 Ns 0.2 Ns −8%
Burn Time 0.7 s 0.8 s −7%

File Errors

File is usable, but has some problems:

  • invalid motor propellantWeight "5.0E-4"; expected kilograms
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Data Graph


File Notes

"official" curve a bit optimistic Bernard Cawley February 6, 2012

The "official" Thrustcurve data has double the thrust and half again the total impulse as the data shown on the NAR motor data page. My version is created by using TCTrace on the NAR-published graph (which appears to be of the third sample of the six motors with ejection charges listed). That motor was an underachiever but none of the motors tested approaches the performance of the "official" data here. It's almost as if the thrust scale was doubled in the capture of the official version.

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