AeroTech D24T





18 mm

70 mm

32 g

9 g

14.8 N

25.6 N

25.5 N

18.0 Ns

1.2 s


Blue Thunder





Compared with all 20 D motors:

Total Impulse

Average Thrust

Maximum Thrust

Burn Time

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AeroTech D24T

Simulator Files

Format Source Updated Contributor
RASP cert February 1, 2022 Joseph Avins
RockSim user February 23, 2017 John Coker
RASP user March 8, 2007 Earl Stanley Hemphill

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Motor Notes

Wrong Data File? Joseph Avins February 1, 2022

The NAR data sheet for the AeroTech D24 shows peak thrust of 25.52 N and average thrust of 14.77. The statistics shown here are the same.

But the graph with this entry for an AeroTech D24T shows average thrust of about 25 N and peak thrust of about 40. Are the D24 and D24T different motors? One way or another the statistics and graph at this page do not agree.

I'm contributing a RASP file for the data as shown on the NAR data sheet, (

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